SDCC ’15: 6 New Things We Learned About TEEN WOLF at Comic-Con

Teen Wolf
We had a blast at the Teen Wolf Comic-Con panel in Ballroom 20 on Thursday and were super excited to attend the Teen Wolf press room as well for a little more insight into this season. Here’s a full recap of all the juicy tidbits we learned this weekend!


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Teen Wolf Returns for Season 6

They broke the news during the Ballroom 20 – Teen Wolf will be back with a 6th season! With an average of 8 million streams per episode, it’s no surprise it’ll be sticking around for at least one more year.  

Jeff Davis Would Love To Do a Spin-Off

During the press room, I asked Jeff about the chances of the spin-off. The storyline last season with the Calaveras & Derek storyline, I would have loved to see more of that storyline with their own show. So what are the chances of that happening? A spin-off is definitely a possibility, but right now Jeff is so focused on Teen Wolf and doesn’t want to try to juggle writing multiple shows. And MTV would want him to write it all. So unless one of them changes their minds, it seems unlikely to move forward. However, it it did Jeff mentioned his spin-off idea would focus on Young Derek. He had even spoke with Christian Taylor about creating that show, called Beacon Hills, years ago. Now he’s off focusing on his own projects though.

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The Tyler Posey / Dylan O’Brien Bromance is Real

The highlight of the panel was definitely the chemistry and camaraderie of the cast, especially the bromance between Tyler and Dylan. Not only do they play best friends on the show, but they’ve had a solid friendship since they ran into each other at auditions.


Watch Out for Episode 5

They teased that big things are going to go down in Episode 5, which is just over a week away. Scott and Stiles are going to have some sort of big blow up that jeopardizes their friendship. The story takes a big turn and it’s also a very Dylan O’Brien focused episode. Sounds like it’ll be amazing! Jeff also teased that the events of Episode 5 will play big into Scott & Stiles scenes in Episodes 8 and 9.


The Return of the Kanima?

If you watched the latest episode, you saw that Tracy became a Kanima. Or did she? In the press room, Jeff Davis revealed that while she had elements of a Kanima, she wasn’t actually one. She’s a creation of the Dread Doctors who are toying with the supernatural rules that have been established on the show up until this point. So basically, with the Dread Doctors around anything is possible.



What’s the deal with Parish? 

Jeff Davis promised that we will found out what Parish is during this season. A hint at what he could be also came during the press room – Lydia & Parish are connected but it’s more than just romantic interest. They’re drawn to each other, possibly for supernatural reasons.



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