THE STRAIN Review – “BK, NY”

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The Strain is finally back after what felt like the longest break in-between seasons. After the heart pounding season one finale, I wasn’t sure where we’d pick up. Would it be right after, 6 months after, my thoughts were everywhere. Luckily, season two picks up right after season one.

This season premiere, “BK, NY” was such a strong contender for “Best episode of The Strain!”. I think it may have actually been the best episode of The Strain to date. Then again, this might be due to the fact that my relationship with The Strain is rocky. I loved it at first, but then it go slow, then it picked up again, then slowed down, etc, It never kept my attention for long, but I’ve always appreciated it for what it is. Thankfully, season two is winning me over!

I wasn’t sure what to think of this premiere at first sight, but like I said, it was damn amazing. We start season two by learning of how The Master came to be, worms, blood, and all. It’s what I wanted from season one, but failed to receive. Soon we saw a crazy feeding frenzy of the Ancients featuring a man, chained and naked. It was intense, creepy, and something new from the show.

Throughout the rest of the episode, we see a continuation of everyone trying their best to survive this vampire apocalypse. Even to the point of seeing a school of blind children being brought to hands of Thomas. It has its great moments, but just falls back into the pattern of its predecessor season. While in most shows, you wish for more character development, in The Strain, it seems like there is just too much. It is necessary for a show to be successful, but too much and you’ve got an hour long autobiography on characters you don’t quite care for.

Even though I had a few problems with this episode,  I can already tell from this one episode, it seems like the show is righting a few of its wrongs and actually putting more of the vampires in the show. (Which is great because this is a show about vampires.) Yes, it still likes to focus too much on the characters, supply gathering, and coming up with plans, but it’s still The Strain and it does have some amazing monsters and a pretty cool backstory.

What did you guys think of the season premiere?

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