SDCC ’15: Things We Learned From Joss Whedon



Joss Whedon descended upon Hall H today to bestow upon us nuggets of wisdom and light! Here are a few do the highlights from his panel.


Introducing Joss Whedon’s Twist

A new comic book coming out next year, 6 issues, dealing with the question of “Why hasn’t there been a Victorian female Batman?”


“Earn what you already have. ”

His life motto that encourages him to continue to be grateful and not fall back on old ideas. For example, Muffy the Zombie fighter. (But to be honest, I would totally read/watch that.) The fans make me remember how hard I need to work to not just entertain but give you a piece of me. The best way to put it: comic con is the cure for Twitter.


His favorite character

His own favorite character would change daily, but of course it has to be Buffy. She is the distiller essence of everything that I am not. She is the beating heart nexus of everything I’ve done.


How would you expand on Firefly if it was on air?

that group and what they go through is something they would fascinate me forever. Put those 9 people on a ship and I don’t need anyone else.


Dr. Horrible 2 updates?

Everyone wants to do it but everyone is insanely busy. We’re all looking for that space. I saw Neil Patrick Harris after he finished Hedwig and the first words out of his mouth were asking when we’re doing this.


Twist has hints of Dark Willow

He has a history of taking characters we love and turning them dark and giving them an edge. When asked when he would have another character like Dark Willow, he said that the heroine in Twist has her darker edges.


Lorne from Angel/Buffy

One audience member came up to ask a question as Lorne in full green face makeup. The night I met him, we went to an upscale karaoke place and he went full Patti LaBelle and even kicked his shoes off on stage. So I needed a way to have the oracles talk to the characters and it all came back to that night of karaoke where it is a window to the soul. He went through the whole audition process and won it unanimously and was just such a force of nature. He is much missed.


To close out Joss’ panel, the top guys of Comic Con came out to present Joss with the Icon Award! He embodies Comic Con by loving all aspects of the popular arts from Buffy to Avengers to Dr. horrible’s Sing a long Blog to all of his comic book work. What an awesome moment!




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