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SDCC ’15: Things We Learned at the Fox Panel



It’s time for the last big movie studio panel of the day here in Hall H: 20th Century Fox! Some films that will hopefully be discussed today include Fantastic Four, Deadpool, the next X-Men installment, and more! Here are some nuggets of information from this exciting evening panel.


The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials


Maze Runner Scorch Trials is first! The trailer looks intense the stakes have definitely been raised since the first one. It looks like there might be zombies? Lots of threats and yeah it looks awesome.


Dylan says Thomas has changed because he starts to feel defeated and not motivated feels responsible for other friend’s deaths.


Giancarlo Esposito is in the building. I half expect him to start talking about the meth game. Instead, he says it’s an honor to be a part of Breaking Bad and equally a honor to be a part of it. And man he delivers a great speech about the movie.


Wes Ball talks about the new threats, saying “It’s almost a bit of a different genre tree are these things called “cranks” who are infected, zombie like creatures, which segues into a clip of them. Damn they are scary! Reminds me of a mix between the monsters from I Am Legend and the Clickers from Last of Us.



Victor Frankenstein

And with that, we move on to Victor Frankenstein!


We see the world premiere of the trailer, which is exactly what it looks like: a modern spin on the classic tale. And now we have the director Paul McGuigan, and the two stars, James McAvoy and Harry Potter himself Daniel Radcliffe!


The relationship between Igor and Victor, as described by Radcliffe: in he beginning, Igor is treated as sub-human and then Victor finds him and saves him. As Victor losses his mind, I’m trying to bring him back in, but it’s difficult because he saved me.


James continues: a These two guys have such a good time together half the time, and the other half if you want to see Daniel mistreated and bullied all this stuff. It makes for a great movie.


James McEvoy is wearing an amazing trucker hat that says “Frankie Goes to Hollywood” with a picture of Frankenstein saying relax. He then immediately hold into a southern trucker accident and says “We just want to make monsters and shit. Just blow a ton of shit up.”


And now, James and Daniel are re enacting a rather interesting looking wrestling move where Daniel is pinned against the wall.


The clip they show has Victor and Igor bringing a monkey like creature back to life using solely electricity. It’s looks very interesting and actually quite terrifying.



Fantastic Four

With that, it’s time for Fantastic Four!


Josh Trank, the director, says that he’s always been a Fantastic Four fan since he was a kid, watching the cartoons growing up. After Chronicle, he wanted to do something similar, but a traditional movie as opposed to found footage. Also wanted it to be more science than science fiction.


Miles Teller says that there’s so much material about his character and that Josh sent him a bunch of physics books. I always joked about doing a super hero movie and well here we go I guess.


Kate Mara loved the family aspect about it and she didn’t know much about the origins of the a Fantastic Four. She loved how grounded and dark it was. One of the main things we are trying to do is make them relatable and in the movie you get to meet all of them before they had their powers.


Michael B Jordan said he was living his childhood dream and he loves the people he was working with. You have to respect the history of being Marvels first family it’s pretty cool.


Toby Kebbel says that Dr. Doom is the best villain of all time. He is driven by ego. It’s relatable when you get angry and lose your temper and you feel the need to show remorse or apologize. You don’t need to do that as a villain.


They show the World Premiere of the final trailer, and it looks pretty cool, but still not nearly enough Dr Doom for my liking. Still not sold that it’s necessary but I hope I’m wrong.




Ryan Reynolds in the building ladies and gentlemen! He introduces director Tim Miller, as well as some of his costars.


Tim talks about finally making a Deadpool movie. Fox said that we can make it so I said let’s go! The fans wanted it and the studio is ready to give it to them.


Ryan continues: It’s so cool that we were able to convince them that it should be made, and it should be made Rated R. There’s no other way to do it. Last time I did a superhero movie, it was a CGI suit so it wasn’t the full experience.


Morena mentioned what drew her to the role was that she’s a badass romantic lead. She gives him a lot of lip, both romantically and argumentatively. They can go toe to toe which you don’t usually get in the male superhero world.


The cast was basically uncontrollable and it was great. Ryan and TJ would always riff and joke around. But the studio never butted in, telling them to straighten up and focus – which maybe they should have. whole


The merc with the mouth – they promise that his mouth is not shown shut at any point in the movie. He spends the movie trying to annoy anyone at all times with his wit and jokes.


And the trailer that just played brought Hall H to their feet and had everyone chanting “ONE MORE TIME.” This was definitely the highlight of Hall H for the day so far.




Hugh Jackman came out and said: I’ve got 3 words for you, Old Man Logan. Take that as you will.


He then also said thanks for all the fans! He’s truly grateful for the role of his life. His last time playing Wolverine will be the next movie, directed my Mangold.


Hugh Jackman was hired on the spot for the first X-Men. And after he accepted it, Singer said “whether the film sucks or not, you’ll be wolverine for the rest of your life.” How true!


And now ALL OF THE XMEN ARE HERE! Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, all the newbies and then some! This is a giant panel.

Brian Singer on how this fits in to the Xmen world: takes place 10 years after days of future past. It’s 1983 and the world is a different place, and mutants are mostly accepted. Showing some footage 5 weeks old. Looks great like a regular trailer not beginning footage. The villain looks creepy and all powerful and there’s already some plot points that are playing out in my head.

James McEvoy about his bald head: I can finally say Patrick Stewart doesn’t have shit on me. It’s great to play homage to that character and all the history behind it.

Oscar Isaac about Apocalypse: god has been asleep and he wakes up and realizes things need to change.  He has so many powers but perhaps his biggest is the power of persuasion. He finds the people looking for something and gives them motivation.







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