SDCC ’15: TEEN WOLF Panel Live-Blog


The panel opened with an amazing clip previewing the rest of this season including snippets of Lydia getting worked on by The Doctors, someone evil talking to Stiles and sharing this chilling exchange:

“Everyone wants something.”
“What do you want?”
“To see you scream.”

It also had some very foreboding scenes of Kira flaming out as as kitsenay (spelling?) and so much more!

Nearly the whole cast is here – Jeff Davis, Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brien, Holland Roden, and the newer wolves.

And big news: confirmed that MTV just ordered a sixth season! Apparently the show had over 100 millions streams in 2014 and they average 8 million streams each episode.

The bromance between Dylan and Tyler is real guys. They had an instant connection from when they met at auditions and exchanged numbers. They have halo sleepovers, guys.

The ass-kicking ladies are representing this season. Shelley Hennig loves it – she and Holland were dancers so they can rock it. Shelley learned from her older brothers to fight and kick ass at a very young age and just takes it for granted that girls can be badass.

What’s your favorite story arc?
Tyler, Holland, and Dylan picked the Negetsuney and white Stiles storyline. Apparently the Negetsuney was only supposed to be in 2 episodes, but the actor under the bandages was so fantastic that they extended the storyline to become the major arc of the season.
Shelley picked Scott’s storyline in the current season. She and Jeff can’t wait for everyone to see the upcoming episodes they finished. Something big happens in episode 5 that causes a rift between Scott and Stiles and threatens their relationship. It’s something that Theo uses his advantage. Could they be breaking up as friends this season?!

Holland & Shelley portray such smart, strong women. Jeff writes great female characters that are strong and real which is kind of rare for this age range. Shelley realized just how important this was at last year’s con when the fans responded so strongly to her character and her answers about how kick-ass she is. Holland didn’t realize just how rare strong female characters are until she studied Women’s Studies in college and then it really hit home when fans started to look up to her and the other female characters on Teen Wolf. Jeff loves seeing these strong women on screen and definitely thinks we need more. And shoutout for demanding a Black Widow movie all of her own.

When is the next time we will see Derek?
It’s all up to Tyler Hoechlin! So tweet him?
They tried to call him but he didn’t answer. Thought it was over but then he called back! Said that he missed Derek very much and wished everyone well. So adorable! Basically Derek will come back when Tyler wants to return to the show, soooo everyone tweet him?

That’s it for Teen Wolf today! We’ll have more from the press room tomorrow!

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