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SDCC ’15: Live Blog of the Warner Bros Panel!


Batman vs. Superman movie

Welcome back to Hall H here at Comic Con 2015! We will be here all day to provide live blogs for all eight panels here today, kicking off with arguably the biggest of them all: Warner Bros! The most anticipated movie of the panel will be Zack Synder’s Batman vs. Superman. Other films that will likely be teased here are The Man From U.N.C.L.E, Vacation, Pan, and We are Your Friends. The panel will be starting in about 20 minutes, so stay tuned for all the exclusives!

The preliminary announcements are being made now, which means that the first plnel will be starting any second!


The moderator for this panel will be Aisha Tyler, known for her work in Archer and Whose Line is it Anyways?

We are kicking off with The Man From U.N.C.L.E, starting with a video message/blooper reel of sorts from Guy Richie. Next, we see an extended trialer before the main four actors are revealed at the panel: Henry Cavill, Armie Hammer, Alicia Vikander and Elizabeth Debicki.

The extended trailer was all 60’s slick and coolness, with some down and dirty fighting only Guy Ritchie can do.

New period working in the 60’s: Alicia- “My parents were young in the late 60’s I always wanted to dress like them it was amazing to walk in and see hundreds of extras dress like the 60’s.”

Armie’s accent: “It was great it informed the character and made some of the stuff you say more badass. Definitely wasn’t effortless we had a great dialect coach and it sounded great in my head but then watching it on screen it was like “ugh!”

Henry about the fighting scenes: “It was funny because the scenes were choreographed and the first time we did it was awful and none of the walls fell down. And Guy said it doesn’t look cool I love it!”

Not long with these guys as they are now heading off the stage! We move on to Pan!


We are joined by director Joe Wright, and stars Levi Miller, Garrett Hedlund, and Hugh Jackman, who of course got the biggest round of applause.

About Joe’s vision in the film: Garret- When I first met Joe he said I have a yhoung kid who is having nightmares and I wanted to make a dark movie so that little kids would see everyone has nightmares and they can overcome it.

Hugh: You would assume that most of it is Green Screen but it’s not. The set was about three times the size of this hall. We had trouble finding Joe at times on the set because it was so huge. I don’t know if we will be able to make movies like this again.

They show a brand new trailer that looks crazy! Gives a lot more footage of Levi Miller, who is making his big screen debut.

Levi about the set: “It was crazy when I first walked in it was like being in a  themse park and it was really cool to walk around and see everything.”

Hugh: “It was one of the most fun movies I’ve ever made. Joe set the tone with all his music. He made full pirate ships and we had three weeks of rehearsal. The whole thing was a complete joy.

Next they show a clip of the introduction of Black Beard. It very much reminded me of the Immorten Joe scene of Mad Max in the desert with one reigning figure. Black Beard has a long monologue about the rules of Neverland and how he is not a merciful ruler, but if the kids work hard they will be rewarded with sweets.

Question about previous sources of Peter Pan for inspiration: Joe – “Barry’s book Peter Pan was the main source of inspiration. I loved the strangeness of it it’s a very odd book. It doesn’t underestimate the intelligence of children.

Just one crowd question as it’s once again time to move on!


Warner Bros shows a sizzle reel of all of the DC heroes that will be hitting the big screen. We are starting with Suicide Squad! Director David Ayer is in the building introducing some new footage!

The footage included all the villains coming together from their prison / outlaw roots. Viola Davis’s character proposes the idea of having the bad guys fight the evil guys. This way, they wipe each other out and there’s deniability if things get out of hand. Interesting concept. Lots of Will Smith as Deadshot, but the real star in the trailer is Margo Robbie’s Harley Quinn. We see her from her ragged/dirty beginnings to the playful and sexy Harley Quinn we all know. Then, the close the trailer was Jared Leto’s Joker and the room absolutely loved him. This is certainly different from the Heath Ledger Joker and that is a good thing since that performance was so iconic in the comic book movie world.

The cast is here including: Cara Delevigne, Karen Fukahara, Jai Courtney, Joel Kinaman, Viola Davis, Margo Robbie, Will Smith, and more!

Will Smith says a few words saying that David Ayer is the absolute truth! And now, they are off to Toronto again!


A quick teaser of Batman vs. Superman pops up,. No actual footage just yet!

Zack Synder takes the stage and talks about the film. “It’s a dream come true for me I’ve been a big fan of the big icon movies. After Batman and Superman what do you do?”

The cast comes out: Holly Hunter, Gal Gadot, Jesse Eisenburg, Amy Adams, Henry Cavill, and of course, Ben Affleck! And at the end, Jeremy Irons!

Finally, the trailer for Batman vs. Superman. It opens on Holly Hunter’s senator character talking about how Superman is too powerful to be trusted. He’s walking through a courthouse that’s filled with protesters calling him an illegal alien, asking him to go back to his home. Then, you see that his epic battle with Zod from the first film took out The Wayne Financial building, and Bruce Wayne ran towards the wreckage to try to save his employees. You see him hugging a small girl in the rubble. Then there’s a touching speech from Diane Lane telling Superman to be the hero everyone wants him to be or to be nothing, because “you don’t owe them a thing.” There’s also a snippet showing Clark Kent has an agenda against “the bat vigilante”. Bruce says “how many good guys are left in Gotham? How many stayed that way?” He’s concerned that someone as powerful as Superman could wipe out the entire human race. Late in the trailer, we also get a glimpse of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, including a fantastic bit where she clangs her bracelets together and creates a giant explosion. Lex Luthor also gets a few moments, showing him with the green glowing Kyptonite. Then the only moment of the trailer that didn’t really hit for me was his ending line of “the red capes are coming….the red capes are coming.”

Zack talks about the conflict: “If you want to talk about the story itself, it’s with ideas we had in a room. The idea of them fighting happens all the time. There’s been talk about my love for “The Dark Knight Returns” comic book. The story itself is not that story.

The challenges of a character that has been played by many characters:

Jeremy: Michael Cane was pretty amazing as Alfred. He’s alittle different my Alfred. There are some surprises in store. I follow the boss and try to make him happy.

Gal: I have been given a huge opportunity to show this strong side of women. She has the strength of a superhero but also has a lot of emotional intelligence. It’s truly a honor to bring her back.

Jesse: There’s always a campy element to the character. There’s an emotional groundedness to the character. All the characters have a great emotional core.

Amy: I’ve never been to comic con this is great. I wanted to be Louis Lane since I was 5 and I watched Superman 2 on repeat. When the opportunity rose I was nervous I wanted to make you guys happy but I was ready to bring a modern take to her.

Henry: Christopher Reeve did such a fantastic job it was dangerous for me to go anywhere near that. I built the character as much as I could and just drew from that.

Ben: If I thought about the actors before who played this and I talked to Zack he said you are perfect for this character. He’s at the end of his rope he’s burned out all that stuff and after listening to Zack I believed him. I was getting a Halloween costume for my kid and I’m in an empty store and a guy behind me goes “Hey!” It was Christian of all people and I asked him for any tips, and he said ” Make sure you can piss in the suit.”

Aisha points out that this Batman looks like Mecha Batman, and Zach says “It’s more so about protecting him from this immortal enemy rather than enhancing his own abilities.”

Ben: There’s an interesting take on the city that Zack presents about how metropolis the city was and how it worked and it was all a bit too smart for me but it was great.

Zack: “When you shoot the movie there are moments when you think that’s cool. When we did a photo shoot while everyone was getting their costumes together and everyone standing together that was crazy. It also came long time before that when I’m drawing sketches of whats to come and when you do one you think I want to see that where are the cameras.”



Hall H went nuts over this clip this morning! What do you guys think of it? For more on the panel:

Posted by Screen Invasion on Saturday, July 11, 2015


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