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SDCC ’15: Live Blog of Quentin Tarantino The Hateful Eight Panel

It’s time for another live blog from Hall H here at Comic Con 2015! This one revolves around a fan favorite director: Quentin Tarantino, and his latest project, The Hateful Eight. This action film takes place in post-Civil War America Wyoming, and stars Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell, Michael Madsen, and more! Chris Hardwick is here to keep the panel going, so let’s get started!

The panel starts with a description of the 70 mm projection style and Panavision production value. They said they want to present like the old road shows of the 60’s and 70’s, After Tarantino is introduced, he teases a specially edited piece just for the fans at Hall H. Tarantino says that this isn’t “like” the lenses that shot Ben Hur, these are the lenses that shot Ben Hur.

Tarantino about this story: The initial idea was I am not a fan of digital projection. By losing film projection we succeed too much ground to barbarians. I thought if we shot it in 70 they would have to release it in 70. Once we got these lenses, it kept evolving. I’m looking forward to the film breaking the notion that 70 mm is for travel logs and mountains. When you shoot a big 70 mm format indoors, it makes it more intimate and more valid. Makes for great drama.

The clip they show introduces all eight member of the Hateful Eight, with many of them making an appearance here on the panel! In fact, Samuel L Jackson appears to be the only member of the Hateful Eight, as even Bruce Dern makes a showing. Kurt Russell has a pretty crazy mustache game going.

Kurt about working with Quentin: There’s no one like this guy he’s in a league of his own. Every couple of generations someone comes along that does it their own way and when you see five frames you know it’s his. I would wish that for everyone actor or actress that they get the chance to work with Quentin once it’s truly a great circus.

Quentin on possible anime: No there isn’t any anime where were you when I needed you that would have been a great way to incorporate some interesting things in there.

Quentin on rewriting the script: What pissed me off about the leak was that when I finished the script I’d go right into production. This one I wanted to do three drafts to get there. The process is what it is so though I yelled and screamed about it and I ended up using the third draft.

Walton Goggins on being in the film: There was one scene where I was rehearsing and I just stopped for a second and looked around and took it all in and you truly appreciate that someone like Quentin is giving you a shot.

Quentin about Westerns: I think nowawdays you have to make at least three Westerns to call yourself a Western director so I definitely will make a third to get in on that and become official.

Quentin about Damien: He’s just an amazing actor of all the characters and you look at the page you think “How the fuck did you get here,” and he just gets there and it was so good.

Tim Roth about Quentin: There are very few directors and writers where you read the page and you just think well it’s done. You don’t really have to do anything else if anything I was worried that I was doing too much because the character was so great.

Kurt Russell on bringing in previous characters: That’s insightful on how I go about my work. One of the fun things you can do as an actor is just go for it and if you miss it you can go out in flames. I always wanted to have the chance to create people that someone would watch and think that guy’s a bit different but I kind of know someone like that.

Bruce Dern on how he fits in: I fit into the story because the kid grew up watching me be a jerk on TV. The excitement for all of us was just to be asked by this man to be in this movie. Quentin has the greatest attention to detail of any director that has ever lived. He creates an atmosphere for people to get better not just the actors but everyone. I thought we had a chance to do something that has never been done.

What Quentin’s favorite thing he wrote or said in a movie: My favorite thing I wrote was the scene in the French Farmhouse at the beginning of Inglorious Bastards. I’m also happy to announce that Ennio Morricone will be making an original score and it will be his first Western Score in 40 years!

That wraps up our Quentin Tarantino panel. Stay tuned for more live blogs throughout the day!

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