SDCC ’15: Lionsgate Panel Live-Blog – The Hunger Games: MockingJay Part 2

The panel opened with an awesome drumline of people all in white that was truly epic! Then it went straight into a special message from District 13: Freedom is Worth Fighting For. The army of military people doing gun rotations leading into Katniss walking down the center and taking her place at the forefront.

Now to intro the panel, Conan O’Brien is moderating a packed panel with Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Willow Shields, and Francis Lawrence.

This movie is where Katniss gets back in action and fully going after Snow. Francis teases that this war will be epic.


They also brought the first FULL trailer! Won’t be online for a while, stay tuned for our description!

The full trailer has so much action, it probably has more than the entirety of Mockingjay Part 1! Tons of action set pieces from when they have to travel through the booby-trapped Capitol. We see snippets of the Annie and Finnick wedding, Peeta coming back to normal with his relationship with Katniss. Truly epic and action-packed!

Conan asked Jennifer what her favorite scene to shoot was and she’s at a loss for words a bit. Someone shouted out the moment when she shoots out the hunger g ames dome, but apparently that wasn’t the most climactic scene to shoot. Luckily, Willow Shields popped in with the “I volunteer as tribute!”

Gale is finally in the mix this movie since he’s a big part of the plans and strategy on how to attack the Capitol. Now, he really gets to kick ass. So to any Gale/Liam fans – get ready!

This is the story where Katniss finally takes control of her own story rather than being a pawn for Snow or a pawn for Coin. There’s something great about seeing a young woman really coming in to her own.

“There’s no way of saying this without starting rumors, but we all just held each other and slept like puppies.” – Jennifer Lawrence about their last night of filming.

One fan question asked Josh Hutcherson if he’d like to see the books from Peeta’s perspective. He thought it’d be interesting to see a number of other characters’ perspective. Personally, I’d peobably read that as well as Finnick’s POV.

First fan question delves into spoiler territory but Francis Lawrence stresses that they made the books and tried to be as faithful as possible. So if you loved the ending of the book then you’ll love the movie’s ending.

Jennifer Lawrence is her usual, adorably awkward self and really struggled to answer a fan’s question asking her if any of her characters have rubbed off on her. In the end, she summed up that she hopes that Katniss’s bravery and leadership rubbed off on her.

Jennifer is just such a goofball that I wish I took video of more of the panel. We did grab a couple snippets from our iPhones so stay tuned. They will be embedded in this post as soon as possible!

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