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SDCC ’15: Live Blog of Legendary Studio Panel


It’s time for another big movie studio panel, as Legendary Studios is about to invade Hall H! Movies we are anticipating being here are Crimson Peak, Krampus, Warcraft, and hopefully, some preliminary insight on Pacific Rim 2, as Guillermo Del Toro is going to be here for Crimson Peak. The panel will be starting shortly, so don’t go anywhere, as we continue our exciting coverage of the Hall H panels here on Saturday of Comic Con.


Chris Hardwick comes out to moderate his second panel in a row, and the first person he introduces is none other than Guillermo del Toro!


Crimson Peak

The first film to be discussed is Crimson Peak, and del Toro talks for a while about how excited he is, especially because of the gender bending in it. “We live in a world with a secret gender war, and we wanted to use this film to bend the norms on gender ideas. It’s one of my three favorite movies I’ve ever done.”


The trailer has just been played for Crimson Peak, and my first thought is….no…no….no. The ghost figure is super creepy, almost like a Babadook type of ghost at first before turning straight up into a blood covered type of being straight out of the Mummy.


del Toro also reveals that there will be a Halloween Horror Nights display this Halloween!


Tom on working with del Toro: He has this incredible level of detail about every character and he has such an enormous imagination. I’ve never been teased as much on set by a director but I loved every minute of it.


Difference between the screenplay before and after Benedict dropped out: As you are working on the script and going through the drafts, you have table reads and the actors help you have a discovery process on the draft. You go back and rework these various things to create a better set or better discussions.


About creative challengers with the film: Tom- The last act of the film is an emotional roller coaster it’s an intense pitch. It can take it out of you some days. Actors are fascinated by extremity. It was a great challenge to experience.


Guillermo: I think this was the first time I felt empowered by Legendary to do more adult and hardcore stuff for my American films. We decided early that it needed to be rated R and that it needed to be complex. I’m very happy to say that I felt completely free to make an adult movie in the English language.


Now it’s time to move on to Krampus!



Director Michael Dougherty is here to introduce the movie.


“We wanted to make a Christmas movie that was basically what if the wishes you made as kids went all wrong.”


The trailer looks great and definitely has notes of movies like Gremlins and Trick or Treat.


Toni Collete on the script- It’s so great because the first 30 minutes of the movie are very funny, and then it gets really dark.


Adam Scott- We talked about past scary movies and after the talk I went home and watched Poltergeist and it’s similar in that it’s character driven and funny, but also very scary.


Why it’s important to see: Adam- it’s very scary but until it gets scary it’s like watching a vacation movie. I don’t think there has been a movie like this in years it’s truly unique.


The next movie is none other than Warcraft!



Director Duncan Jones is here to talk about Warcraft for the third year in a row. “We wanted to make a film that everyone would be interesting. I looked at it like Peter Jackson when he made Lord of the Rings, and I can only hope we come close to that.”


Travis Fimmel on the movie: I’ve never done any kind of motion capture stuff and that was the first I’ve seen of any of the footage. Looks really great.


Ben Foster: who doesn’t want to be a wizard? Duncan has such vision like he did with Moon and this experience was once in a lifetime.


Ben Schnetzer: It’s not just a cut and dry good vs. evil story it’s two heroes on a collision course and it was an incredible experience.


Daniel Wu: Its a great responsibility to take on this character that everyone has such experience with this. My wife has played the game for years, and we had just had a baby and I promised her I would take a year off. Then I got this audition and I told her “I have an audition” and she said “but you promised you’d take a year off!” And I said “but it’s Warcraft. She looked at me and said, …you have to fucking do it.


To close out the panel, we saw a never before seen trailer that shows the orcs coming into the world of the humans as they try to escape their eon dying home. It looks like an incredible video game come to life with real life elements mixed in. The crowd went wild for it and the film comes out in June 2016.

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