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SDCC ’15: Bryan Cranston Joins Animation World in SUPERMANSIONS

Crackle is bringing together a hugely talented cast for their latest cartoon show, Supermansions. Some of the best people in comedy right now, including Keegan Michael Key, Seth Green, and Jillian Bell join forces with Zeb Wells and some of the other minds behind Robot Chicken for the highly anticipated super hero animated series. Leading the entire troop…none other than Breaking Bad and Godzilla star Bryan Cranston! According to Wells and others, the lead character was always written with Cranston in mind.

“We always had a Bryan Cranston type in mind when we were writing the main character, and he had done some stuff for Robot Chicken, so we were hopeful that he would want to come on,” said Robot Chicken Executive Producer Matthew Senreich.  “So we contacted him and within 24 hours he got back to us and said not only do I want to be in it but I want to help out with the production. So we made him a producer!”

Later on in the round tables, the man himself joined us to talk about why he wanted to be involved in this show. According to Cranston, even though the show is not only animated, but also about super heroes, there was still a human element that drew him to the project.

“Had they just pitched to me that it was a super hero animated show I wouldn’t have been very interested,” said the multiple Emmy Award winner. “But then they told me that all of these heroes live under the same roof and that was interesting to me. These people are heroes outside of their home, but at home they are just normal people dealing with normal problems, and I liked that aspect of the show.”

Much like Robot Chicken, the show is done in stop motion animation, which anyone in the business will tell you, is a painstakingly long process. Senreich broke it down, saying that each animator usually does about 8-10 seconds of footage per day. With a team of about 10-15 animators, it took a full 15 months to make the first season of the show.

Going back to Bryan Cranston, he had quite a comical response when he was asked what similarities he sees between him and his character on the show.

“I feel like our faces are very similar. When I’m not doing anything my face looks like I am not a happy guy, and I feel like this guy is the same way (as he holds the doll up to his face).

The show will be streaming on Crackle starting this Fall. Check below for a trailer of the first season, and keep an eye out for this action packed comedy!


Are you excited for Supermansions starring Bryan Cranston? Let us know in the comments!

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