Marvel Comics Shark-Girl (Everyday Cosplay)

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Today I am going to show you how you call pull off your very own Everyday Cosplay of Shark-Girl. Shark-Girl aka Iara Dos Santos has quickly become one of my favorite really random Marvel characters that no one ever talks about. I hadn’t heard of her before picking up Spider-Man and the X-Men though I wish I had because she’s just so funny to me that  I want to read more about her.

The Scoop:

Iara was one of the first mutants to surface after the events of AvX. She started craving fresh fish, she mutated into a ‘were-shark’. She was recruited by both Mystique and Angel but after an altercation with Mystique, she ultimately enrolled in the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning.


Selachotherapy (the ability to change into a shark but also have her human thoughts and consciousness and also the ability to stand on two feet like humans), Amphibious Psychological Adaptation (the ability to be able to survive on both land and in water) as well as superhuman strength, speed and stamina.

Where To Read:

Shark-Girl has made the most appearances in Wolverine and the X-Men and Spider-Man and the X-Men. She has made small cameos in various other X-Men and Avengers comics.

Get The Look:


Iara’s look as Shark-Girl is pretty simple. Most of the time she’s in her school uniform (which looks like everyone elses) but when she’s fighting you can find her in an orange and yellow top with black shorts. On occasion, she can be seen in the orange and yellow top with her pleated school skirt still on so I added that one too. If you want to, you can wear grey and black leggings underneath the shorts or skirt to give off the look of her two toned legs. To finish off the look, grab a black belt, some shark themed jewelry (I put earrings) and an X-Men logo (I grabbed a necklace) for good measure.

And that’s about it! Shark-Girl has a pretty basic look but she’s far from a basic character. If you haven’t read anything with her in it, I suggest you change that!

If you have a suggestion for a character you’d like to see a look created for, tweet @AgentsOfGeek using #EverydayCosplay and tell us the character!

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