Marvel Comics Gothic Lolita (Everyday Cosplay)

Here on Agents of Geek, I am the go-to for Everyday Cosplay looks. I love creating looks that can be worn in your everyday life that just so happen to be subtle (but sometimes not so subtle) homages to characters in movies, comics, tv and more. I have created a bunch in the past here on the site but I thought that it would be a good idea to go for a more educational approach with my looks too.

Why not get to know more about these characters that I post about? Or, if you’re not familiar with them at all, learn about a new character in general. I will be sharing well known characters too, but I also want to shed some light on the more obscure ones that even I have never heard about. It’ll be a learning experience for all of us!

First up, I’ve got an adorable little android named Gothic Lolita.



The Scoop:

Lolita is an android that was built by Project Livewires. She was made for black ops missions and was considered the teams muscle as she’s the one who is able to dish out and take damage and wreck most other robotic and cyborg opponents. The Livewires are able to dress up (or cosplay) a lot on missions and one day Lolita dressed up in the popular Japanese style of lolita and liked it so much that she just kept doing it and adopted the name Gothic Lolita.


Superhuman strength, speed, durability, stamina, agility and can repair herself quickly (something similar to Wolverine’s healing factor).

Where To Read:

The 2005 6-issue run of Livewires is where Gothic Lolita has the most appearances. She made one appearance in the 2007 Iron Man: Hypervelocity.

Get The Look:


To do an everyday cosplay of Gothic Lolita, all you would have to do is take a trip to your local Hot Topic. While Hot Topic has definitely made a change from being an all punk/gothcentric store to being more fandom inclusive, you can still sometimes find really cute affordable black goth style dresses.
Her accessories are pretty simple as well: black arm warmers/sleeves, a black choker, a cross necklace and a black parasol. To finish off the look, black boots and a little robot ring.

She doesn’t wear robot jewelry but I like to add little pieces of a characters personality or trademark into the looks I create. You don’t have to include them, but they’re cute little nods to the character.

If you have a suggestion for a character you’d like to see a look created for, tweet @AgentsOfGeek using #EverydayCosplay and tell us the character!

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