Interview With The Cast Of FX’s ‘ARCHER’

At San Diego Comic Con last week, I was lucky enough to get the chance to interview the cast of FX’s Archer. It was insanely hard to contain my fangirl ways when interviewing this amazing cast but I somehow managed (save for asking Aisha Tyler for a selfie which she happily obliged) and got to listen to these awesome people talk about the show and their characters.

They weren’t allowed to reveal much about the upcoming season, but we got teased that this season will be ‘different’. We did get to hear their thoughts on questions like favorite character moments, their experiences at this years convention and more. I was shocked to find out that some of if not all of the cast members actually sound like their respective characters, it literally blew my mind to hear them speaking and know they weren’t putting on a voice. It was magical.

My favorite part of the interview with them was getting to briefly hear Aisha’s advice on kids and people in general who are too afraid to show their geeky side.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get to H. Jon Benjamin and Jessica Walter due to short time and the Bob’s Burgers panel that was happening almost simultaneously but I did get the rest of the cast!

Just to preface these interviews, you can barely hear us asking the questions because it was so loud but I did manage to jot down the gist of everyone’s questions so listed underneath the audio file will be bullet points with everyone’s questions so that when you hear them talking you know what they’re referring to. Questions are in order!

1. Casey Willis – Executive Producer


  • How’s comic-con?
  • Anything about next season?
  • Favorite things from last season?
  • Oscar winner on cast

2. Lucky Yates – Voice of Dr. Krieger


  • How’s comic-con?
  • Krieger next season
  • Clones?
  • Favorite thing Krieger has created?
  • Attribute to success

3. Amber Nash – Voice of Pam Poovey


  • How’s comic-con?
  • Netflix influence?
  • Pam find love?
  • Love about Pam
  • Things in common
  • Female cast/females in comedy

4. Judy Greer – Voice of Cheryl Tunt


  • How’s comic-con?
  • Walk the floor?
  • Hopes for Cheryl?
  • Favorite Cheryl experience
  • How has she changed?

5. Adam Reed – Creator, Writer, Executive Producer and voice of Ray Gillette


  • How’s comic-con?
  • Archer this season
  • Any guest stars for the future?
  • How did Ray come about?
  • Anyone you wanna kill off?

6. Chris Parnell – Voice of Cyril Figgis


  • How’s comic-con?
  • Finish eps even though recorded seperately
  • Favorite last season things
  • Favorite overall Cyril moment
  • Like about playing Cyril
  • Why has it been successful
  • Obscure jokes

7. Aisha Tyler – Voice of Lana Kane


  • If Lana had a slogan running for President
  • Females in comedy
  • Will Archer get his act together
  • Lana finding a less dangerous job with new baby
  • AJ a spy?
  • Words for geeky girls
  • Skills

Archer season 7 premiere is still to be announced but I for one cant wait to see what’s going to be different and see how little baby AJ changes from when we saw her last!

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