DC Comics Kyle Rayner (Everyday Cosplay)

Welcome back to another Everyday Cosplay post! Today, I decided to make one for the fellas. This look is inspired by Kyle Rayner’s White Lantern outfit. A simple outfit of white and grey, I find it to be super stylish.

I could have gone with his Green Lantern outfit but I might have plans later on down the line to make an everyday look for Hal so I want to save that for later. Now, like I said before this look is really simple. While in some photos he’s in all white, I went with this image because he has grey or at least slightly off white on his costume too. I figured the potential for two tone might bet better than an all white outfit.



The Scoop: 

During the events of the “Rise of the Third Army” story line as part of The New 52, Kyle Rayner begins uniting the powers of all seven Corps to stop the latest threat, despite Kyle’s uncertainty about his ability to channel the powers.  After Kyle has mastered the seven powers of the emotional spectrum, he is transformed into a White Lantern with the ability to destroy some members of the Third Army, and now will apparently be able to stop the threat of the Guardians of the Universe.


As of the War of The Green Lanterns, Kyle has managed to keep his ability to channel some abilities of The Blue Lantern Corps. How many abilities and to what extent is still yet to be seen. After training with each of the seven corps and learning to wield all of the colors, Kyle has become the first white lantern since blackest night, and perhaps the first true whit lantern as he achieved this on his own without any contact with the entity. As a White Lantern, he is able to wield the white light of the entity as well as any of the seven colors. So far his power has shown to be most effective against the third army and even the guardians, perhaps indicating that Kyle’s now white energy makes him more powerful than any lantern as he wields the combined power of all seven lights at once.

Where To Read:

Green Lantern: New Guardians: The Ring Bearer (TPB that collects Green Lantern: New Guardians #1-7)- This trade collects the first story arc of Kyle’s own series in the New 52. Rings from several different Lantern Corps are leaving their owners in order to come to Kyle, who has no idea why this is happening. Members of the other corps are none to happy about it either. Kyle and this motley group of representatives from each of the different lantern corps aim to get to the bottom of this mystery.

Get The Look:


I tried to follow the pattern of his suit. Darker pants and  chest with white arms. So for this I pulled in a pair of grey jeans and t-shirt with a white men’s cardigan. I would have done darker shoes but I wanted to pull in more white so I added white shoes. For an accessory, you can use a White Lantern ring, but I chose to add a necklace. It’s not too feminine either for this look which I really like!

That’s really all there is to it!

I am one of those people who really digs a guy in white. It’s so classy looking!

If you have a suggestion for a character you’d like to see a look created for, tweet @AgentsOfGeek using #EverydayCosplay and tell us the character!

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