Antony and ANT-MAN Take Flight In New Hot Toys Miniature

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Ant-Man was such a fun film but can I tell you how much I loved the ants?  When the ants weren’t swarming Scott, they were pretty freaking adorable. The crazy ants were my favorite until the moment Scott named the winged carpenter ant Antony. That was the moment it was all over for me and I become a fan. I sat in the theater afterwards wondering if someone would not only make a tiny Ant-Man but would they also make Antony.

Enter Hot Toys!

That’s right, Hot Toys is releasing an Ant-Man and Antony miniature figure later this year.

Ant Man and Antony

Ant Man and Antony

Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys are delighted to present a special movie-accurate Ant-Man on Flying Ant Miniature Collectible for all fans of the film! This collectible will be a fantastic piece to display on shelves or desks for any fans of Ant-Man!

Look at Antony!! According to Sideshow Collectibles, where you can pre-order your very own Ant-Man on Flying Ant, the miniature will be 10cm long and will come with a transparent pole and holding stand.  I can’t wait to add this duo to my collection!

Will you be picking up your own Antony miniature? Let me know in the comments!

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