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Short and sweet list this week. A little of everything!

Cluster #5

Boom! Studios
Ed Brisson (w)
Damian Couceiro (a) 

The beginning of a new arc features prisoners and rebels turning all their attention on the lying and evil prison corporation of Tranent. The war is going to take a turn, be it good or bad. This is the perfect place to jump in if you missed the first four issues.









Baltimore Cult of the Red King #3

Dark Horse Comics
Mike Mignola (w)
Peter Bergting (a)

Baltimore attacks the Witch’s coven. Will he be able to save his friend or will he be lost to the Red King’s minions?! Things continue to heat up in my personal favorite Vampire Hunter series.









Bobs Burgers #1

Dynamite Entertainment
Rachael Hastings (w)
Frank Forte (a)

The short mini-series was such a hit that Bob and his family are back for their first ongoing series!










We Stand on Guard #1

Image Comics
Brian K. Vaughan (w)
Steve Skroce (a)

100 years in the future a small group of Canadian civillians find themselves defending their home from invading forces. This 40 page first issue featuring the Canadian rebel forces fighting giant U.S. robots of the future is only $2.99! Vaughan (Saga) is one of the most popular authors currently working in comics today. Skroce is a detail oriented artist who also happens to be the storyboard artist for the Matrix, heard of it?







Wicked & Divine #12

Image Comics
Kieron Gillen (w)
Jamie McKelvie (a)

After that crazy last issue… Well, who knows where this is going! It will be a crazy ride though, that is a guarantee!










Giant Size Little X-Men Vs Avengers

Marvel Comics
Skottie Young (w/a)

More of the adorable antics of Little X-Men and Avengers. Skottie Young does it again creating a fun world for his fun characters. How does this tie in to the Secret Wars you may ask. I have no clue but I love it anyways.










Secret Wars #4

Marvel Comics
Jonathan Hickman (w)
Esad Ribic (a)

The story and world of Secret Wars continues to expand. What happened to the heroes that crash landed in to Battleworld? Maybe this issue will bring answers we all so desperately want. The art and story in this book have been more than spectacular! A must read for Marvel fans.









X-O Manowar #38

Valiant Entertainment
Robert Venditti (w)

Rafael Sandoval (a)

This is a momentous occasion for the hero out of time as Manowar gets married! This special issue with a pretty awesome Valiant wrap around cover has been long in the making! How will the world handle a married X-O?! I must know!


A little from most of the publishers, though I think this marks the first Pull List with no DC Comics!

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