The New Mask For MTV’s ‘SCREAM’ Series Revealed

When they first announced that they were making my all time favorite horror movie franchise into a TV show, my first reaction was a long dropping to knees “NOOOOOOOO!” We, as consumers of many forms of media, should be used to remakes and revamps and re-everythings by now so we shouldn’t be so angry…but believe me, I was angry.

My second reaction was more or less a question asking if they were going to use the iconic mask from the movies. With it being 2015, I felt that the mask is no longer relevant or spoopy (yes, too spoopy) enough to bring that same chill factor as it did in the 90’s when it first debuted on screen.

Today, my question has been answered in the form of the first photo of the new mask from the show. And to be honest, it’s kind of hilarious looking.


Now don’t get me wrong, the first original mask was pretty funny looking too but this one, something about the expression isn’t so much scary as it looks like a crash test dummy screaming “oh noooooooooooo!” as it’s about to hit the wall.

It’s just a photo and right now this photo isn’t remotely scary looking. When the show airs (and here’s hoping its good) I hope the mask will translate a little better. According to Wes Craven the creator of the Scream franchise, the mask ties into the story somehow so we’ll see what the deal is with that when the show airs!

If you’re as curious about the show as I am, tune in to MTV on June 30, 2015 for the premiere!

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