What If Star Wars Characters Drove Real Cars?

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With the hype of the new Star Wars movie reaching full “force” (sorry for the pun), we’re beginning to see Star Wars stuff pop up EVERYWHERE. The latest is this awesome image showing what it would look like if  Star Wars characters lived on earth and had to pick a modern method of transportation.


Some are dead on, like Jabba the Hutt in a brown windowless van and the Ewoks (you’ll see when you get there). So without giving away any spoilers, here it is:




The Ewoks were my personal favorite, but I also thought Yoda looked great on that Vespa and Jar Jar Binks would totally drive a purple PT Cruiser.


Others I think could have other answers. I see Luke Skywalker in a beat up pick-up truck, at least in the first movie. Maybe after that he’d drive a Tesla or something electric but not crazy fancy. Boba Fett might want a Jeep instead of a racecar, at least for his day job.


What do you think? Which ones were right on, and which ones could be different? Let us know in the comments!


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