Scream Factory GHOSTHOUSE / WITCHERY Blu-Ray Review

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What do David Hasselhoff and Linda Blair have in common? They were in a unexplainable horror film together! Scream Factory presents another double feature, Ghosthouse and Witchery which I think takes the chocolate and bacon cake!

I was not prepared for these films and I mean that in an awesome way. What can you expect when the Blu-ray says “Clown dolls, Witches, Hasselhoff.” Really what can you ask for? Now a tid bit of trivia here, both these films were released in Italy under the title La Casa 3 and La Casa 4. Can you guess which were the first 2 films? Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2. (If you want to know more about the La Casa series, let’s chat) Both Ghosthouse and Witchery have nothing to do with Evil Dead or with each other expect that some messed up shit happens in houses.

Scream Factory Ghosthouse Witchery

Ghosthouse is a film about a creepy girl and a even creepier clown (why clowns?) and the killing of a bunch of poor suckers who find themselves in the house. It’s your basic haunted house premise – demonic souls, death, screaming, and even though I didn’t find myself getting scared, I loved it. The film starts off with the death of a little girl’s parents and then 20 years later some guy named Paul is on a ham radio gets a strange signal. It was a guy asking for help and a girl screaming. So he decides to track the signal down and him & his girlfriend take a trip. A trip that leads them both to the group and the creepy house.  That’s when the fun starts! The little girl and her creepy clown go on a rampage! The acting isn’t the greatest but the death scenes  in this film are pretty top notch and gruesome! There was no caring on how they set up the deaths, the movie just let it self go! I liked the scene that involved a hand held circular saw.

Can I just mention that I hate clowns and this one creeps me the hell out? Ugh, why did it have to be clowns…

Scream Factory Ghosthouse Witchery

Witchery is about another group of people who get stuck in a house and  this time a witch is try to kill them all. David Hasselhoff plays the photographer boyfriend and was there to take photos of the house for a book his girlfriend was planning on translating. The book told the story of a young pregnant woman who was branded a witch by the town and killed herself by jumping out the window. Go ahead and guess from where… yup, the house they are at. An older couple is also at the very same house because they are looking into buying it and turning the location into a private resort. Linda Blair plays their pregnant daughter who is along for the ride. Oh and the house is on a island away from the mainland and a storm comes in which cause them to get stuck there. That’s when the weird kidnappings and deaths start. I will say, the middle of the film is a real slow burn. The beginning of the film got my attention but afterwards I was finding myself doing other things. Once the mom is kidnapped, things really start. It’s not the greatest film in terms of story, completely forgot why the witch started killing them, but it’s one hell of a time once it picks up.

The only extras included in the Blu-ray are the trailers for both films. Scream Factory keeps doing an awesome job finding unknown, weird horror films and pairing them perfectly for these Double Feature releases. I highly suggest you pick up your own copy of Ghosthouse / Witchery.

Scream Factory Ghosthouse Witchery

You can pre order Ghosthouse / Witchery over at Shout Factory! The Blu-ray will be released June 30, 2015!

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