E3 2015: HOLY HELL, YOU GUYS. Xbox One is Backwards Compatible!

Xbox’s Phil Spencer just announced that the Xbox One is going to be backwards compatible with 360 games later this year. HELL YEAH, SON!

XBone owners will be able to access a digital collection of 360 games as well as games you already own, hardcopy and downloaded. The service will be available to everyone this holiday season.

Before you lose your minds with excitement, be mindful that not every 360 game will work with this service. Around 100 different games will be available at launch. At the conference, they brought up the Mass Effect trilogy as an example of an old 360 game that you can play on the Xbox One. Yay!!!

This is a HUGE move for Microsoft, and hopefully they’ll be able to keep this promise unlike Microsoft Entertainment, which they officially abandoned earlier this year.

Your move, Sony.

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