3 Actors and Actresses Who Would be Great KINGSMAN Agents


After watching Kingsman: The Secret Service, it had me thinking…which actors and actress could be perfect agents? A lot of actors and actresses have had badass roles whether jumping out of airplanes or avoiding gun shots, but if they were approached in real life and put through the Kingsman training and tests, which would actually pass? Have I got you thinking yet? Here’s my list of who I think would be perfect (and I’m not picking any actors from the movie, because they all have a upper hand since they’re in the movie ;]) and small blurbs of my opinions:



  1. Angelina Jolie: She’s Lara Croft and Evelyn Salt. Enough said. She’d be wonderful.
  2. Charlize Theron: Furiosa. That is all. I’d want her on my squad if I was recruiting for the Kingsman.
  3. Emily Blunt: She’s tough yet also adorable and you know what? She kicks ass. She’d be great.



  1. Daniel Craig: He’s had great training, if you think about it, while playing the iconic James Bond. He’d be number 1 or at least a top 5 choice for any recruiter.
  2. Jason Statham: He’s got great training from all his crazy action films. He’d definitely be a top choice for any recruiter.
  3. Matt Damon: We all utterly love him as Jason Bourne, he’d be brilliant! He’s a top choice for anyone.


Still thinking? Who would you want to see as a Kingsman agent? Did I pick anyone you’d pick? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!




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