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Weekly Pull List 5/20/2015: A-FORCE, CONVERGENCE, MAD MAX

Another event focused weekly pull list! Convergence and Secret Wars are in full swing! The end of a story arc from a popular Image title is accompanied by the beginning of another great series title’s second arc!


Eight-04Eight #4 (of 5)

Dark Horse Comics
Rafael Albuquerque (w/a)

Joshua’s mission and goals come flooding back to him in this penultimate issue of this amazing mini-series! Will he survive the Meld’s very own Tyrant ruler and complete his mission or will he die, remaining trapped in the Meld forever! Fans of Albuquerque’s art, if you don’t know about this series already…shame! Check it out, it is well worth it!







convergence-07Convergence #7

DC Comics
Jeff King (w)
Aaron Lopresti (a)

Things get crazy as Demios, the Earth-2 and Kingdom Come heores, Titans and Parallax fight! The New-52 heroes arrive too! What will all of these characters fighting in one place do to the multiverse?! Find out here!










Immortan-Joe-One-ShotMad Max Fury Road Nux & Immortan Joe

DC Comics
George Miller (w)
Riccardo Burchielli (a)

The first in a series of one-shots featuring stories focusing on characters from the hit movie Mad Max:Fury Road. If you haven’t seen this movie yet you probably should! Then check out these comics for more back story and world building!










Fade-Out-06Fade-Out #6

Image Comics
Ed Brubaker (w)
Sean Phillips (a)

Charlie and Gil continue their search for Valeria’s murder. Their search turns to “Flapjack” Joe, who has mysteriously vanished. Some think he is in hiding. Others think he has moved on to the next world. Will Joe lead to answers or more cover ups?! This crime series hit just keeps getting better and better with more characters and mystery! Brubaker and Phillips fans -This is a MUST read!








Trees-09Trees #9

Image Comics
Warren Ellis (w)

Jason Howard (a)

The second Trees story arc Two Forests starts here! Things are changing the world over as New York City’s new Mayor takes power. What are the Trees doing on Earth? Will anyone ever find an answer? This series is a must-read for Sci-Fi fans of all kinds and this issues is the perfect place to jump in to the story!








Wytches-06Wytches #6

Image Comics
Scott Snyder (w)
Jock (a)

Charlie continues his mission to save Sailor as it takes him further in to the Wytches world. This is the climactic last issue in the first arc of this new hit series!










A-Force-01A-Force #1

Marvel Comics
C. Willow Wilson (w)

Jorge Molina (a)

The first issue in this the all new series featuring Marvel’s Mightiest Women! The A-Force stand as the worlds last defense in a far off corner of Battleworld!










Secret-Wars-Battleworld-01Secret Wars Battleworld #1

Marvel Comics
Joshua Williamson (w)
Mike Henderson (a)

This is where Secret Wars gets extra crazy! This series will feature the fights and battles that are too epic to exist only in Secret Wars!










Bloodshot-Reborn-02Bloodshot Reborn #2

Valiant Entertainment
Jeff Lemire (w)
Mico Suayan (a)

Lemire and Suayan’s amazing new series continues as the man who was once called Blooshot continues to track down the people acting under his old name! Is the new man who once was Bloodshot enough to take down a cybernetic enhanced gunman?!









Ninjak-03Ninjak #3

Valiant Entertainment
Matt Kindt (w)
Clay Mann (a)

This awesome, beautifully drawn series continues to amaze me! The world’s best assassin tries to fight his inner demons long enough to stay alive while fighting his enemies!









I cannot get enough Mad Max and the one-shot this week featuring Immortan Joe may hold me over until the weekend when I can get to the theater again! Will any of you be picking up the one-shots? Maybe the Furiosa one?!


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