THE WALKING DEAD Gets Awesome Hardcover Ruled Journals

AMC’s The Walking Dead is one of the most popular shows on TV and fans run to stores and shop online trying to find whatever merchandise from the show that they can. Have you gotten yourself a hardcover ruled journal yet? If not, then Insight Editions, The Walking Dead Hardcover Ruled Journals are what you need! Each journal currently features Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, Michonne and Walkers.

Insight Editions make their deluxe journals with ‘the finest materials and manufacturing methods’ in order to create a line of journals that are ‘tactually rich, scuff and fingerprint resistant and elegantly designed’. The journals have ‘iconic watermarks, exquisite art from celebrated brands, franchises and artists’ as well.

I’ve gotten the Rick Grimes version of the hardcover ruled journal and I’ve been very impressed with how wonderful the condition of it is. It futures a picture of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) on the cover with a The Walking Dead logo right below it, on the back there’s a King County Sheriff’s badge that has been engraved into it. When opening the journal, there’s a thick string holding it together. After opening it, I spotted another picture of Rick and then the next page has a special place where you can write your name (there’s another badge there too). I’m very impressed with the paper in the journal, it’s exceptional quality. The last page has another Rick picture and when turning that page, there’s more Rick and it’s actually a little storage compartment to store whatever you want. I would highly recommend this journal and the journal to not only all The Walking Dead fans out there, but definitely those of you who really love Rick Grimes. It’s one of the best collectables I’ve ever gotten. Will you be getting one of these? They have more selections from other big time TV shows and such. Check them out at their website!  

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