Special Edition: NYC Artwork for Badges

The second annual Special Edition: NYC event is just a month away and ReedPOP released some of the artwork for the badges that will be used for the comic book festival.

The artwork differs for each category that the event goer falls under. The categories are VIP, Artist Alley, Weekend, Sunday Kids, Sunday, Staff, and so on.

Here some of the artwork for the badges:

SENYC_2015_VIP SENYC_2015_ArtistAlley SENYC_2015_Weekend


The rest of the badge artworks can be found at

For those unaware of what Special Edition: NYC is, just look below:

“Celebrate your love of comic books, cartooning, illustration and the graphic arts at Special Edition: NYC, a comic book festival held annually in the birthplace of comics – New York City! From rising stars to living legends, Special Edition: NYC is the place to meet your favorite comic book heroes and get exclusive access to special guests from the pages of mainstream, alternative, indie, international and web comics. At Special Edition: NYC you will have the opportunity to collect the latest comics, buy the hard to find back issues and add original art to your collection. Special Edition: NYC is a pure celebration of comic book culture created specifically for die-hard comic book fans, creators, and publishers!”

Special Edition: NYC will be held at Pier 94 in New York on June 6 and 7, 2015.

Sources:, Special Edition: NYC

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