Rivals Go Head To Head In ‘Curb Stomp’ #3 – Comic Review

In issue 3 of Curb Stomp the riff between The Wrath and The Fever comes to a head no thanks to the Mayors doing from the previous issue.

The Fever heads to Bayside to ask for help from another one of their rivals gangs and get a clue as to who might be betraying them (but for us, we already know it’s Mary). The Fever do their best to shake off the feeling but they finally confront Mary and while they are furious, they realize they still need the numbers if they’re going to make it out of the upcoming fight alive.

In this issue we see the Fever falling apart slowly at the seams as one of their members betrayed them and one is still being held hostage. They don’t know what else they can do except fight and they fight damned hard to keep their city. We see their town basically destroyed because the Mayor wants them out and goes about the worst way possible. This issue also has its first major character death but if you want to find out who you’ll have to read it.

Curb Stomp 3 2

With one more issue being left in this short series, I find myself filled with anticipation as to what’s going to happen to the remaining members of The Fever. Are we going to see the gang totally dismantled or will we see a happy ending for them? While I am sad to see the results of the Mayors doing in this issue, I am happy that the bulk of the action happened here. My favorite characters continue to be just that and so far I have been happy with the way their stories have played out and how much character development we got from them.

I am anxiously waiting for the conclusion of Curb Stomp but I am also sad to see it go. I hope that in the future we get more comics featuring bad ass girl gangs because this just wasn’t enough for me.

4512445-curbstomp_003_a_mainCurb Stomp #3
Published by Boom! Studios

Written by Ryan Ferrier
Illustrated by Devaki Neogi
Colors by Jeremy Lawson
Letters by Collin Bell
Cover by Devaki Neogi with colors by Neil Lalonde

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