A Love Letter to The Cast And Crew of THE FLASH

The Flash capped off an amazing first season with a season finale that definitely brought out all the feels and incredible epicness. It’s a rare occasion when a first season of a show turns out to be one of the greatest first seasons of a show ever. Also, that cliffhanger is how you do cliffhangers! I have plenty of emotions still brewing in my heart and soul, so I thought I’d write a love letter to everyone involved in the show.


And now a love letter to the cast and crew of The Flash:


Dear cast and crew of The Flash,

Thank you to Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg, thank you for providing us all with a brilliant first season. Thank you for incorporating a lot from the comics and making everyone happy. Thank you for the easter eggs in the episodes that made us all squeal with joy. Thank you to the crew for the wonderful directing in each episode. Thank you to the writers for writing great episodes. Thank you to the special effects folks, costume, makeup, set designers, Blake Neely and anyone else involved with the music, other producers and anyone else that was involved with the production whether behind the scenes with each episode or in the cutting room putting the episodes together. Thank you to the casting director(s) and whoever else was involved with casting this stellar cast. Thank you to the entire cast for pouring your hearts out and working so hard on bringing every character to life in the best possible way. (And boy did you all deliver! Main cast, supporting cast, everyone! Emmy’s for all!) Also, shoutout to The Flash Podcast and all involved for their awesomeness.

You’re all badass.

Thank you.


Myself and the rest of the world.

Now is it time for season 2 yet? We need season 2. The withdrawals are real. I will definitely be recapping season 2 when it comes around, so be ready world! Did you enjoy the first season of The Flash? What was your favorite part of the show? Have you read The Flash comics? Leave your love, thoughts and comments in the comments section below.


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