‘Giant Days’ #3 Tackles Important Issues – Comic Review

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In this issue of Giant Days the girls are hit with a case of being objectified. Well, not all of them. After attending a party, Esther popped up on a website called Bantserve which hosts a list of the twenty-five hottest freshman in the college. Enraged, Esther goes to the Chanselor of the college who simply agrees with the websites tag line “It’s just a bit of fun”, shakes her hand and sends her on her way. It is now up to her friends to get revenge on the rude dudes who created the list. This brings us to the other important issue in the comic. Susan, who is trying to get revenge against the guys, creates a photo copied magazine called ‘Femmist’ which has ‘The “Men Are Awful” Edition’ printed at the bottom. She goes to hand one out and is told that the magazine isn’t t all feminist and that it’s actually misandrist. At the end of the day, the ladies get their revenge against the men behind the site in the most funny way possible.

Overall, I thought this issue was great. It tapped into some real life problems that happen daily for some women. From being objectified on the internet (and in person) and being on the extreme end of feminism to the point of it being misandry (which no one likes and want’s to be apart of). They dealt with them delicately, so much so as to bringing them to light without making them a huge deal. It was a very nice subtle way of making the issues known.

As per usual, the art was great and I had no complaints. I really do enjoy the way this comic is drawn and I wish I had take then chance to buy the physical copies when my shop had them!

If this isn’t on your radar, it should be!

Giant Days #3
Published by Boom! Comics
Written by John Allison
Illustrated by Lissa Treiman
Colors by Whitney Cogar
Letters by Jim Campbell
Cover by Lissa Treiman

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