Five Things You May Not Know About Legends of Tomorrow Star Ciara Renée

Legends of Tomorrow is the much anticipated The Flash/Arrow spinoff show that will feature various favorite characters from the shows and Ciara Renée will be playing Hawkgirl. If you’re wondering who Ciara Renée is, she’s a relative newcomer who is about to take over the world with what is sure to be an awesome portrayal of Hawkgirl for The Flash season finale and the spinoff show Legends of Tomorrow. Below are a few facts about her that I found out after checking out her awesome website which you can check out here:

  1. She sings!
  2. She has been in theater and broadway productions like: Pippin, Big Fish, Dreamgirls, Les Miserables, and Lizzie Borden: The Musical to name a few
  3. She has been on an episode of Law and Order: SVU
  4. Being introduced to musical theater made her want to pursue that/a career as an actress
  5. She plays piano, violin, guitar, softball, field hockey, and does yoga!


She’s incredibly talented and she put on her resume that she makes excellent monkey noises! That’s pretty great! Have you seen her in any of the broadway and theater productions she’s been in? Looking forward to seeing her as Hawkgirl on the spinoff show? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below and be sure to follow her on Twitter here and check out her Facebook here!


Photo credit: Whoever took the lovely headshot and Ciara.


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