D4VE #4: All Hail D4VE – Comic Review

(P.S. I reviewed D4VE issue #3 the other day, so make sure to read that here.)

I’m finally onto the latest issue of D4VE and I must say that after reading it, I am quite sad. Why exactly? Because this is the second-to-last issue of the series. Like I mentioned in my review for issue #3, D4VE offers some of the best pacing in todays comics. The story is never rushed, but is just enough to satisfy you and make you crave more. So when you read an issue like #4 where all hell breaks loose, it’s the best feeling.

Like the past three issues, D4VE #4 picks up right where we left off during issue #3. D4VE and his son are stuck due to traffic (cause by… Aliens!), so obviously his son starts to jerk off to a holographic magazine. (That sentence should set the tone of D4VE for you.) Like you do. Soon we learn that the Aliens are now attacking the robot citizens and thanks to programming, the robots don’t fight back. Hello, extinction.

Due to robot weakness, one of them takes the over lord aliens to the “core”, where we then meet the queen of the K’Larr whose size is massive. This is obviously leading us to the inevitable giant showdown that I’m sure will follow in the final issue. I think out of the past three issues, this one is my favorite due to the panel near the ending when D4VE finally starts to feel like himself again. It felt like it was showcasing a mental health issue that D4VE overcomes  (depression, perhaps?)

This issue of D4VE was such a build up for what I’m assuming will be an epic conclusion. For instance, D4VE has yet to see this queen, he does have a plan that looks like it will bring the K’Larr down, and he’s programmed his wife, wife’s sister, and son with something that will “protect” them. I have so many questions. How will they conclude this all within the next issue? I don’t know, but I’m so excited!

D4VE04-coverSUBD4VE is now available in your local comic book shop, but if you wish to finish this tale, you can read the final issue on ComiXology here.

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