Back Paul Osborne’s new thriller, Cruel Hearts

Paul Osborne is back at it again. You may remember him from the dark thriller Favor which was one of my favorite movies of the year. He’s known for creating masterpieces on an extremely small budget and he’s about to do it again with his next movie, Cruel Hearts.

screen invasion hearts2Cruel Hearts is another thriller, and uses the same star as Favor, Patrick Day. Although, I didn’t even realize it was him until it was pointed out… he looks that different. New to the cast are Alev Aydin from Lonely Boy, Bonnie Root from Bones, Cold Case, and CSI, and Eddie Jemsion from the Oceans 11 movies.

Also like Favor, this one has a beginning that grabs your attention and doesn’t let go. Instead of “I need your help to bury a dead body” this time it’s “Nice to meet you. I’m sleeping with your wife.”

We get a little bit of the plot, but thankfully Paul doesn’t spoil the whole thing like is common in trailers these days. We know that the young man, Guy, found out that the woman he’s been sleeping with is married. Not just married, but married to crime boss Burt Walker. Instead of risking that Walker finds out on his own, Guy confronts him about that which leads to an odd and dangerous friendship.

There will be twists. Big ones. I’m dying to know what they are, and yet also glad that they’re still a mystery.

screen invasion hearts

If you’re like me and you can’t wait to see this thing, hold on for a second. First it needs funded. They’ve set up a kickstarter that has already gotten over 10% funded in the first few days, but they’ll need some more help to get off the ground. Check out their page and donate if you can.


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