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AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Spoilers Forum – What Did You Think?

It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these Spoilers Forums and I figured Avengers: Age of Ultron was the perfect film to bring this series out of retirement. This is the place where we can dig in to the nitty gritty details of the film without having to dance around spoilers by being vague and non-specific. We’re diving right in to the major developments, jokes, moments, and character arcs so if you haven’t seen the movie yet – 1. Who are you and what did you even do over the weekend? and 2. Get out of here before it’s too late! We don’t want to ruin the fun of the movie for you and if you read the below without having seen Avengers: Age of Ultron, then you have no one to blame but yourself.



Black Widow <3s Bruce Banner

One of the most unexpected storylines was the introduction of Black Widow’s softer side and her feelings for Dr. Bruce Banner. While she’s been played a romantic lure for Tony Stark (Iron Man 2) and a potential love interest turned more wing-woman for Captain America (The Winter Soldier) I thought if she was going to end up with anyone it would be Hawkeye. Given their human roots and past together as spies, they seemed like a probable match should any of the Avengers get paired off with each other. However, Hawkeye apparently has a family of his own, with the lovely Linda Cardalini and Bruce and Natasha have an easy rapport going.


Her brief explanation of how she likes him exactly because he’s the kind of guy who would rather avoid the fight was very sweet. It’s too bad that all seemingly came crashing down when she pushed him off a cliff to bring out The Big Guy for the final fight. Feeling betrayed and guilty, The Hulk took Stark’s stealth jet to who knows where and wasn’t seen for the rest of the film. I’m sure we’ll pick up on his storyline again, hopefully in Captain America: Civil War when he has to choose a side between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers.


The Girlfriend Battle

A cute little scene during the big party at the beginning of the film has Tony Stark and Thor battling over who’s girlfriend is more impressive. While it would have been better to see the ladies there to discuss their work themselves, this was a bit of male fighting I can get behind. Pepper’s running one of the largest companies in the world and Jane is at the forefront in her field in science, and potentially even up for a Nobel Prize. I’d say everybody wins this fight.

The Running Joke of Thor’s Hammer

After that big party scene, it’s just the Avengers all hanging out being friends, which was great to see and I loved all these comraderie moments. One-by-one they all try to live Thor’s hammer without even a budge. Tony even tries to cheat a little by busting out an Iron Man arm, but still no luck. Steve Rodgers gives it a try and is able to make it move just ever so slightly, and the look on Thor’s face says it all. He was worried, Worried that he might not be the only one worthy of the power of the hammer. Luckily for him, Steve doesn’t get any further.


Then, once Vision is “born” and trying to convince them that’s he’s on their side (and not Ultron’s) and is one of the good guys, he demonstrates his worth by picking up the hammer and urging everyone to hurry up so they can stop Ultron. The look on all their faces says it all, they were a little skeptical, but the hammer doesn’t lie.


And finally, I loved how it all came back in the final scene when once again the 3 main guys are arguing over who’s worthy to wield the hammer. Steve brings up a great point – he’s part machine, so maybe it doesn’t count. I mean, if you put the hammer in an elevator on a plane, they would be able to “lift” it in their own way. Valid point, Steve, but I think Vision may be just that noble.

Quicksilver’s Heroics

As any good Joss Whedon fan knows, no characters are safe. For the entire film, I thought it was all leading to Hawkeye’s big death scene. We met his family, who seemed lovely and perfect. Linda Cardelinni, as his wife, was supportive and encouraging. Plus, with a baby on the way she was pushing for this to be his last mission since they were about to be outnumbered, 3 kids to 2 parents. The writing was on the wall that this was going to be his last mission, one way or the other.


So when his back was against the wall and the choice was to save a young boy’s life or his own, I knew he would do the honorable thing even if it would cost him his life. But then, to my surprise, Quicksilver came in and saved both Hawkeye and the kid, but he wasn’t fast enough to save himself. And you know what, I didn’t see that coming, But I definitely would have preferred if Quicksilver didn’t outright say that just before he died – that little wink took me out of the moment entirely.


The New Avengers

The final scene has Bruce lost in the wind, Tony out of the suit (even though he said he’d be out of in Iron Man 3) going to hang out with Pepper and hopefully never try his hand at AI again, and Thor returns to Asgard to ensure it’s safety. With the Avengers down a few members, we get to meet the new recruits – many of them should be familiar to MCU fans.


War Machine – Don Cheadle officially joins the big leagues. He’s been protecting America already, fighting on the president’s side, but now he’ll have the support he needs to tackle bigger foes.


Falcon – after searching for The Winter Soldier for most of this movie (apparently that’s why he’s the only one that didn’t make it to the final fight with Ultron), he’s joining his buddy Cap for a super-sized adventure.


Vision – officially one of the good guys, he’ll put the Mind Stone to good use to protect the Earth and maybe even more.


Scarlett Witch – While she started hating Tony Stark (and probably still does) she realized that Ultron was the greater evil and took her telekentic powers and mind control to help out the team. Hawkeye’s speech must have really hit a nerve for her to put aside the years of hatred for Tony to be on something that is pretty much completely funded by him.


Black Widow – without Bruce Banner around, it looks like she’s staying put for a while longer.  A part of me had actually hoped that she and Bruce could get out and have their own twisted version of happily ever after. Maybe they’ll get that after Infinity War Part 2.


Captain America – And where would the Avengers be without their fearless leader. While his dream of having a family and normal life seem to have been crushed, he’s getting his own version of family with this super charged team. Hopefully that will be enough to satisfy him for the time being.


The Post-Credit Scene (and the over explanation of the Internet)

Unlike most Marvel Cinematic Universe movies from Phase 2, Age of Ultron only had one post-credit scene. And while it was pretty straightforward – Thanos grabbing the Infinity Gauntlet and saying “Fine, I’ll do it myself.” – I’m shocked to see just how many explanation articles there are on the internet for it. What exactly needs to be explained here? This is what the MCU has been building towards for quite some time now and other than the fact that he talks (which he did in Guardians of the Galaxy by the way) there’s not much more here than what was at the end of the first Avengers post-credit scene. Thanos is out there. He’s trying to get the stones together so he can rule with the Infinity Gauntlet. This isn’t new information! But every geek site is salivating over it as if they just revealed some major plot leak or casting announcement. Frankly, I wasn’t impressed.


What did you think of Avengers: Age of Ultron? Sound off in the comments or on social media to @ScreenInvasion!

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