WonderCon2015: Six Things We Learned About INSIDIOUS CHAPTER 3

The last panel of the day was the highly anticipated third installment in the Insidious series: Insidious Chapter 3. While I was severly disappointed with the second installment, the first one was so good that I’m still interested in checking this one out. The panel was graced by the presence of Writer and Director Leigh Whannell, along with stars Dermot Mulroney, Stefaine Scott, Hayley Kiyoko, Angus Sampson, and of course, Lin Shaye. Check out six things we learned at this panel below!

1. Insidious Chapter 3 is a prequel

The first thing we learned is that this movie is a prequel, independent from the first two installments. While that allows for fresh story telling, it is a bit disappointing that the scary Darth Maul demon won’t be making an appearance. Director Leigh Whannell described the freedoms of making this a prequel.

“I think when we decided to do a prequel that was freeing because we didn’t have to dig into past stories. Taking over for James was probably the most nerve wracking part. I felt confident being a writer of the previous ones.”

Whannell also said that the nice thing about being a prequel is that it opens it up to audience members who missed out on the first two movies.

“I think people who haven’t seen the other Insidious films will get this one you won’t be lost. Having worked on Saw films I know what that’s like. It’s a stand alone story.”

2. Dermot hadn’t seen the First Two Before Getting the Part

Dermot Malroney comes in to star in the third chapter of the Insidious franchise. What surprised me was to learn that Malroney hadn’t seen the first two Insidious movies until he got the part. I wonder if he thought “What have I gotten myself into?!” after surely crapping his pants during the first one.

“When I looked at the script was between the horror aspects there is some emotional development. I watched the Insidious movies after I got this part what I can tell you is that this one is far more terrifying. It will scare the crap out of you. I’m really proud of it.

3. It’s a human story

Most of the times, horror movies are solely focused on creating the biggest scare. However, according to the panel, this movie has a ton of emotional development throughout the movie, and when you hear about the plot, it makes sense. The main girl, played by Stefaine Scott, has just lost her mother, and while trying to cross over to talk with her, she unleashes the demon that plays the villian.


Scott said of her character’s journey: “It gets worse and worse throughout the movie it’s a steep cliff for my character. It was so fun getting to do it it’s a good family story for me that was so great about it. Her mom just died she’s with her dad and there’s a demon!

Hayley Kiyoko added: “I’m Quinn’s support system. Her character is going through the loss of her mother so I’m trying to help her out of it.”

4. We see how Elise meets her team

In the first film, Elise already has her team of ghost hunters who have a variety of home made ghost detecting devices. However, with this being a prequel, we get to see Elise meet her future ghost hunters. Lin Shave talked about how much fun it was to delve into their character’s pasts.

Lin told us: “I had never met them before that was fun for me in this installment. I have my own opinions on them but then evolves later in the films.”

She continued: “You learn who Elise is before she meets the rest of the characters. I’m draw to Stephanie’s story. Everyone has experienced loss in their own way and Elise is attracted to this story because of her own experience. I love working on these movies. I love that horror films you get to experience fear together.”

5. The Villian embodies cancer

Leigh told the crowd that the inspiration for the villain was “an embodiment of cancer.” His effects team were up for the challenge, and ended up creating a terrifying looking character to continue in the line of creep Insidious villains.

“I told the special effects guys if cancer was a person what would he look like? He doesn’t have a name he symbolizes all the pain and misfortune that can visit people on their life. He’s a black cloud who visits you.

6. This is Leigh’s first directing job

Up until this point, Whannell had mainly been known for his writing. This was the first time he was the man in charge behind the camera, and he told us he couldn’t have asked for a better crew of actors to work with.

“It was awesome to collaborate with all these characters. The most terrifying thing about directing the first time is dealing with the actors and they were all fantastic and made my job so easy and so fun.”

That wraps up our review of the Insidious Chapter 3 panel! Are you excited for the third installment of this fantastic franchise? Let us know in the comments!omments!

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