WonderCon 2015: ORPHAN BLACK Season 3 Spoilers Galore!

My most anticipated panel for WonderCon this year was definitely Orphan Black. With the premiere just weeks away, there was plenty for them to share with the fans – from clips from the premiere to fun anecdotes from the set. Hold on tight kids, there are lots of Orphan Black Season 3 spoilers on this one so don’t read any further if you want to be surprised.

To kick it off, we got a sneak peek at Season 3 – this panel had a lot of exclusive footage! In this first teaser, the bit that stood out the most was a brief snippet where it seemed like it was Alison pretending to be Sarah, where it looked like Sarah but most certainly didn’t sound like her. Who else would say “holy doodle, here we go.”?

On the panel to talk about the show as the co-creator Graeme Manson, Kristian Bruun (Donnie), Dylan Bruce (Paul), Evelyn Brochu (Delphine), Maria Doyle Kennedy (Mrs. S), and Jordan Gavaris (Felix). It was most of the cast except for the clones themselves, Tatiana Masley (Kasseema, Sarah, Helena, etc) and Ari Millen (The Castor Boys).

The big reveal last season was that that Project Leda and the Tatiana Masley played clones weren’t the only ones like this. The military had their own clone experiment, producing The Castor Boys, played by Ari Millen. While Tatiana sets the bar so high for this type of acting, Dylan Bruce said that “he really kicked ass and I can’t wait for you to see what he’s done with these boys. He’s such a lovely guy and he played these creeps so well.” Graeme also shared that “he was raised more as a wolf pack” while Sarah and her sisters were all raised differently on purpose. “He’s playing them as a really bent band of brothers.”

With Mrs. S’s betrayal, we find the core family (Sarah, Felix, and Mrs. S) at odds. Felix understands why Mrs. S did what she had to do to save Kira, even it meant handing over Helena. In two different clips we see Felix side with Mrs. S, and then Sarah stormed out. As she’s leaving, Mrs. S said “You can’t walk out on your people.” to which she responded with “You’re not my people.”  Cold, Sarah. Cold. Maria noted that it was a “really dangerous and duplicitous decision that she makes to project to her family.” While she’s had to make some tough decisions before, this one was closer to the edge. This was a fundamental shift in terms of how far she was going to go.  It’ll be interesting to see if/how they’re able to overcome this.

Jordan also shared that Felix shares a lot more time with Cosima this year. While they’ve shared some scenes together before, they have their sexuality in common that none of the others can relate to. That’s a very specific feeling. They’re kindred spirits and both lonely. Jordan also had a great moment where he discussed how media sometimes gets stuck in portraying gender/sexuality in a certain way, saying “I try everyday to approach the character from a way that makes him so much more than just his sexuality. It’s a wonderful reminder that there are a million ways to portray him. I think if we could remember to not pigeon hole people we would all be better off.” He got a nice round of applause in support after that.

As for the clones this season, it sounds like we’ll be getting a little more info on the mysterious Beth, who’s death started this whole thing. Graeme said “this year we do something interesting to open up the story about Beth. Tatiana was excited to step back in to those high-heeled shoes.” 

The cast also talked about the chemistry have with their clone, which lead into another exclusive clip. Stop reading now or else you’re in for some major Orphan Black Season 3 spoilers!

The clip was a brief scene between Cosima and Delphine. Delphine came to visit Cosima and just when you thought they’d have a cute reunion, Delphine abruptly has to break things off. She made a promise to treat all of the clones equally and that means she can’t be with her anymore if she wants to keep that promise. She’s taking on the responsibilities that Rachel once had as well. What does this mean for Delphine? Evelyn hinted at some devious things she could be up to this season, saying “She’s got to keep secrets and make hard choices. She gets a chance at what she needs to be doing but also she gets a chance at revenge.” What are Delphine’s intentions this season?

Lastly, we got a short clip of Donnie and Alison Hendrix. While they’ve typically been the comedic relief of season’s past, but they’ll be throwing some drama in there. Donnie will be spending a lot of time at home and with Alison, since he decided to call his boss a Bitch to her face and lost his job. Not sure what led him to do that, but the Hendrix’s will have to find a new way to make a living this season. According to Kristian Bruun, “Team Hendrix is going to tear up the suburbs.”

There was a lot to eat up during the Orphan Black panel and now I’m even more excited for the season to start! It premieres on BBC America on April 18th. 

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