WonderCon 2015: FALLING SKIES Says Goodbye

Falling Skies stopped by WonderCon this weekend to give fans a lovely send off as its last season begins airing on June 28th. While a new teaser trailer debuted online yesterday we got to see an exclusive clip and new trailer for the season, while also hearing from a few members of the cast. Potential spoilers for the final season are ahead – you’ve been warned!

On the panel was Colin Cunningham (John Pope), Doug Jones (Cochise), Sarah Carter (Margaret), and Drew Roy (Hal Mason). They had great chemistry and spoke a lot about the show and what’s in store for this final season. The exclusive clip shown featured mainly Noah Wyle, who is the heart of the show. While he was taken on board an alien ship at the end of the last season, he apparently finds his way off and back to the group. The clip showed him giving a rousing speech to the group about how “this is the time for overkill.” Then he pulls out an alien head with a resounding call to action for all of them to “find your warrior.” While his speech is epic and passionate, the group reacts to him in a multitude of ways. Some cheer him on and seem completely on board, while others appear skeptical. Do they not trust him anymore? Is this even really Tom? What if this is an impostor from the ship? Guess we’ll have to wait until the final season to really find out.

The cast shared some fun snippets from the set, as well as their reactions to the final season. Since the show had enough notice, they could plan out a nice ending to give each character closure. While they didn’t want to spoil too much for the fans, they did hint that their last day of filming was surreal. Why? It was unlike any other day of filming before it – they had completely different costumes and filmed in a completely different location. Normally they film out in the real world, with dirt and grim. But apparently this last scene was filmed in a sound stage, with green screen so it had an entirely different feel than their normal days. Also, Colin Cunningham (John Pope) wasn’t there for this different last day.

Cunningham had a different last day, with just him and Noah and a small second unit team. They shot outside as usual, but when it was done the director and him and a nice moment, where he just asked if he wanted to do another take. Letting Cunningham have a few more minutes as part of the show, if he wanted.

We also got a little bit of insight into a few character’s last lines for the show. Drew Roy (Hale Mason)’s last line is “Dad”, which he found to be very fitting since he’s said it so much on the show and his relationship with his Dad has been so central to the show. Maggie’s last line is “I’ll kick your ass.” Also fitting given how tough she is throughout the show. It sounds like everyone gets some nice closure, a benefit to them having enough notice to wrap up storylines and loose threads.

Seems like fans will have a lot to look forward to this final season. Tune in to TNT on June 28th.

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