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This Weekly Pull List is very short… Not much coming out this week and essentially no new first issues!? Only one. Crazy, right?

Convergence-03Convergence #3

DC Comics
Jeff King (w)
Stephan Segovia (a)

Telos goes after the city of Kandor while the heroes of Earth-2 suffer their own loss. Green Lantern and his group head to Skartaris looking for the Time Masters, their only hope of escaping Telos’ mad games! This series has been great fun so far and is a must read for anyone who read Future’s End or Earth-2.








suiciders-3Suiciders #3

DC Comics
Lee Bermejo (w/a)


The Saint’s dark past is in danger of coming to light after a famous reporter was murdered on his estate late at night in the last issue. Straniero gets his first fight as his climb to fame and victory finally begins. This series contains some of the best art coming from DC currently and offers a refreshing take on the post apocalyptic U.S.







Manifest-Destiny-14Manifest Destiny #14

Image Comics
Chris Dingess (w)
Matthew Roberts (a)

As the crew finds a new hidden civilization they find themselves in their most dangerous situation yet! This series just keeps getting better and better as Lewis and Clark’s world continues to expand.









Postal-03Postal #3

Image Comics
Bryan Edward Hill (w)
Isaac Goodhart (a)

The major revelations that Mark found himself at the center at last issue would be enough to scare and confuse most people. Not Mark though. As he confronts both Maggie and her FBI associates he has to deal with murderers from his past and his family! Will his town ever be safe again? Who knows! The second issue sped this series up while while simultaneously taking it in new directions. Hopefully this third issue will offer some more unseen twist and turns!







Kaptara-01Kaptara #1

Image Comics
Chip Zdarsky (w)
Kagan McLeod (a)

 The first in a new mind bending space adventure written by the artist (that is not a typo) of Sex Criminals! Keith Kanga and his space fairing crew crash land on KAPATARA. This strange world has even stranger inhabitants! Keith’s mission means life or death for the inhabitants of Earth! What is his mission? I don’t know. I haven’t read this yet but can’t wait to!






Super short list this week so here are the Convergence two-shot titles that piqued my interest: Convergence Hawkman #1 (Hawkman and Hawkgirl fight the Rat-Men and Bat-Men of Kamandi), Convergence Adventures of Superman #1 (Kal and Kara fight to save their city from the Phantom Zone but if they suceed the cost may be to great!), Convergene Swamp Thing #1 (what happens when the domes cut off Swamp Thing’s attachment to the Green!).

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