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It’s almost May, which means it’s the month of superheroes! With The Avengers: Age of Ultron already opening worldwide, and breaking plenty of records, everyone is almost definitely in the mood for anything related to the superhero. Now while the bazillion-dollar-budget movies are nice, I think it’s always nice to see some lower budget films made by people whose passion for the superhero genre is out of this world. (No pun intended.)

This latest flick that I’m reviewing today is nothing, but superhero, all with a budget less than the snacks budget on Avengers and is titled, The Posthuman Project! The Posthuman Project is the written by screenwriters Matthew Price and Sterling Gates. The film follows Denny Burke, whose past year has been far from good. His girlfriend left him, his leg is broke, and he’s basically lost all desire to actually do anything besides go to school and sleep. Also his home life isn’t that great either. So when given the chance for him and his little brother (and friends) to go rock-climbing, Denny takes the chance even though his disability says otherwise. From here on out, we see the story of this particular group of friends as they soon get super powers and discover how to use them and what they’re good for.

As the film goes on, the characters grow, which is exactly what you’d want to see in a film. Trust me. They’re not exactly the same people from the beginning, but still hold the same values. Just with, you know, super powers. The film never takes itself too seriously, so non of that “dark” super hero stuff ever seeps in. And yes, there are some serious moments (for plot and characters sake), but it’s all fun and light hearted. It’s meant for you too enjoy, not overthink and doubt.


Denny Burke is finally about to graduate high school. This year has been one bad thing after another: a broken leg, a broken heart, and worst of all, a broken home. With four of his closest friends, Denny goes on a rock-climbing trip to prove he’s ready to start his adult life. On their trip the five teens receive a genetic boost beyond anything they’d ever imagined. Denny’s soon faced with the first big decision of this adult life: give up these powers and remain a normal teenager or keep them and graduate from the human race?

PHP_poster_webThe Posthuman Project is available for preorder on iTunes here with a release date on May 1st.

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