The Big Bang Theory “The Graduation Transmission” Recap

Last week, The Big Bang Theory had a true “stand up and cheer” type of moment. As the guys struggled to make an over the counter purchased drone work, Leonard delivered a high school commencement speech to his former alma mater, via Skype. And while his friends were too busy avoiding making the call to tech support, Leonard took a stand for geeks everywhere, reminding us all that it’s OK to be different, and we should all embrace who we truly are.

tech supportI suppose it’s possible that the reason I am overly fond of this episode is that it hits close to home, probably for many of us. In high school, many of us were the never the popular kids or the best looking on campus, but we loved what we loved, and we loved with a passion that many others could never know, so in turn they would make fun of us for being different. I still have a friend to this very day that loves classic Star Trek so much, not only did he create his own character (and even wrote fiction for that character!) when we were in middle school, that even to this day he still refuses to watch the JJ Abrams reboot films, opting to remain passionate for something he has loved since he was a child.

And such was the case for so many of us. Only within the last decade has Geek Culture come full circle. Now it’s the hip thing to do to get in line early to see the next Marvel film, or scour the internet for insider tidbits on the next great thing to hit TV, movies, or even music. Kudos to Leonard for again taking a stand for those of us who continue love unabashedly, as we embrace our nerdiness with more passion than ever before!

Fans, are you ready for the Season 8 finale of The Big Bang Theory?

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