The Big Bang Theory “The Communication Deterioration” Recap

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As we approach the end of Season Eight of The Big Bang Theory you can almost expect some “filler” episodes to air. Such was the case last week with “The Communication Deterioration,” a half-hearted affair that saw little in the way of the girls, with a huge focus on the guys and their core friendship. As a result, the show suffered from not enough fun and instead felt like we were spinning our wheels as we near the season finale.

Raj has been chosen to be part of a committee that will again send a probe into space in hopes of contacting alien life. He is responsible for deriving the delivery system for a message from Earth for other life to receive. He asks his friends to join him, and of course Sheldon immediately takes over. The result is an examination of how the guys’ lives are usually dictated by what Sheldon wants or by what Howard suggests, leaving Leonard and Raj as the beta-males. The overall story just feels ho-hum since we all know that Leonard is the group’s core, and Raj is always the fish-out-of-water comic relief.


On the flip side, Penny decides to take an audition for a film, but fears she will lose focus on her job that she really seems to be enjoying. A fun twist to this would be to see Penny actually land a big role in a popular film, even if for only the TV show’s sake, akin to Adrian Grenier becoming Aquaman in the HBO show Entourage. While we all know that Penny isn’t a very successful actress, it’s obviously in her heart and something she sorely misses. here’s to hoping the showrunners come up with a way to have her strike gold in Hollywood just one time before The Big Bang Theory leaves the air.

Fans, are you ready for the swiftly approaching season finale of The Big Bang Theory?

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