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If you haven’t heard of the Power Girl loving cosplayer Vegas PG by now, you’ve definitely missed out on seeing and meeting a very talented woman. Vegas is someone that I have high praise for because she very much helped me get over the fear of cosplaying as Power Girl myself when I first met her years ago. Aside from being an all around nice lady, she is very creative as she is always seen in a new Power Girl variation that makes you stop and stare in awe.

Two weeks ago at Big Wow Comic Fest I had the chance to stop by Vegas PG’s booth to do a little interview with her. She answered some of my own questions as well as a few questions fans had for her.

Check out the interview to learn a little bit more about the artist behind Vegas PG!

Gwen: First, introduce yourself! You can say your cosplay name or whatever is comfortable for you.

Vegas PG: I’m Vegas PG!

vegas pg 2

Gwen: What is your cosplay origin story? How did you get started?

Vegas: I really like to wear costumes and I really like to make costumes. I have a theater background so they all just sort of mushed and melded and I am a total geek at heart. I don’t know it just sort was kismet.

G: So how long have you been cosplaying then?

V: Officially since 2008.

G: Who are some of your favorite characters to cosplay as? I know that you do Power Girl.

V: Yeah! Power Girl all the time. Actually I have a couple that I haven’t done yet that I am super excited about. I’m working on a Dazzler…

G: *gasps* You’re going to be so cute!

V: I know! I am so excited! It’s gonna be so sparkly. I’m going to light up the room like a disco ball I am so excited for that one.

G: How do you plan out your cosplays? Are you a plan ahead person or do you just jump into it and hope for the best?

V: For the most part I plan ahead. I don’t always know what I am going to do until I start doing it though. But I try really hard to plan. I try to sketch things out and guesstimate what I’m gonna need and try to prepare. But until I’m actually making it, it’s really just playing it by ear.

G: So far, it could be a costume or a general project, what’ been your favorite project?

V: Actually I have to say doing all my Power Girl variants have been one of my favorite things. To be creative enough with the different genres that I’ve put Power Girl into and still maintaining Power Girls identity. That’s really been my ongoing enjoyment.

vegas pg 2

G: You’ve already answered my next question about what’s another cosplay that you wanted to do. But do you have another kind of holy grail kind of bucket list cosplay that you want to do?

V: I actually have a list of cosplays and I have some material for everything. I am working on Arisia from Green Lantern. That I was almost done with it but I actually found challenges with the top portion of it because its so structured but there’s almost nothing to it. So I ran into a wall with that one but I am working on it. I have of course my Power Girl variants that I’m working on. I just finished a Tank Girl costume which I will be wearing tomorrow. I am trying to branch into more Anime and do a lot more Anime as well.

Arisia Green Lantern

G: What is the best part of cosplaying for you?

V: There’s two best parts. The positivity that I receive from people and the ability to give that positivity back.

G: That was actually kind of my next question. Because when I first met you, I was ALSO Power Girl and I was really self conscious about that costume and you treated me with respect about it. So is that your general approach when you see someone wearing the same costume as you?

V: Absolutely! As a matter of fact, now I actually search out (if I am wearing Power Girl) other Power Girls and I try to take pictures with them. There was a Power Girl comic book cover that, and I cant remember who the artist was it might have been Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiotti thing because I love their style, but it was a Power Girl convention. And there’s like twenty different Power Girls on the front and there are all different colors and sizes and ages and I would LOVE if in my lifetime I could recreate the cover of that comic book. That would make me so happy.

G: What are you an advocate for in the cosplay community? Like I am someone that likes to preach a lot about people of color being able to cosplay whoever they want. Thats my big stance, so whats yours?

V: I really think it rides on the coat tails of what you stand for. I think anybody can cosplay anything they want. Male, female, doesn’t matter. If you like that character and you like that character then you should be able to be that character. It doesn’t matter if you’re too tall or too short or too skinny or if your skins too light or whatever! It doesn’t matter you should be able to be that character.

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G: So when you’re not at conventions what your “normal person” job? What do you do when you’re not here?

V: I actually make costumes for other people, can you believe that?

G: I actually can! So is that kind of like your other hobby outside of cosplaying? Just doing the costumes for other people?

V: Yeah. I make costumes for other people. I also do a lot of spokesmodeling and I work for other companies and help promote their products as well.

G: Awesome! So this is kind of a random out of pocket question but I noticed on all of your social media you like to celebrate random National Holidays. How did that come about? Why do you like doing that? It’s really cute though! I’m always like “OH! There’s a National Churro Day!? I didn’t know that!”

V: Happy National Animal Cracker Day!

G: There you go!

V: So that actually that was something I was doing on my own everyday. And I found that you can search the internet and you can find that there is something for everything. And there are daily holidays for every day. There’s weekly and monthly holidays. I started going through, and I think it’s because I was unhappy one day, and I came across it somehow and was like “Oh it’s National Blue Jello Day. That’s sort of cool!” and the next day I went “I wonder what it is today”. Whats my birthday? And it sort of evolved into this and I shared with my closest friends and they went “You should share this withe everybody” and I thought it was a really good idea.

G: I really like it because I don’t know these days and I can just go on your Facebook and it’s like “YES! I  can eat a churro today!” SO! Last question, if you could offer a piece of advice to a new cosplayer or someone who is thinking about cosplaying, what would you say to them?

V: I think the best advice I could give to somebody who has never cosplayed before who’s thinking about it…choose a character that you like. Either you identify with that character or you like the way they look. I think that that really helps you to embody that character and become that character so that when you wear that costume out, you’re not going to be as shy about it. And that’s going to give you the confidence to do the next one and the positivity and reinforcement to keep moving forward with that.

vegas pg 4

If you would like to follow Vegas PG on any of her social media sites, check out all of the links below!



Photo Credits:

Featured Image: Vegas PG Youtube
Power Girl: Vegas PG Facebook
Steampunk Power Girl: vangHER Photography

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