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This past weekend I attended Big Wow Comic Fest in San Jose, CA and had the pleasure of interviewing a few cosplayers. Luckily for me, the two that I got to speak to are friends and it made my first time interviewing really easy and pleasant.

Meet Kit Quinn! A cosplayer from Los Angeles who is amazing at making costumes and is probably one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet! She has many costumes under her belt so finding her at conventions is always a great experience because she’s always someone different each day. She’s a chameleon of cosplay! I run into her quite often at conventions and this was the first time I actually got to stop and talk to her for longer than a minute or so. As always, it was a pleasure chatting and I loved the answers gave.

I stopped by her booth at the convention to ask her a few questions that I had as well as some that were asked by fans of her.
The interview below was recorded and transcribed by me.

Gwen: This is my first time doing this so bare with me!

Kit: I don’t mind! Don’t worry!

Gwen: Okay! First we’re going to have you introduce yourself. You can tell us your name or your cosplay name whatever you feel comfortable with.

K: Well my name is Kit Quinn, so hi!

G: What is your cosplay origin story? How did you get started?

K: My origin story starts in 2007. Tallest Silver had been going to Comic-Con for years so I was able to join her so that year I suited up, made some costumes and that year we went down a big ol’ group and had a blast at San Diego Comic Con.

G: So technically how long is that since you’ve been cosplaying..from when you first got started?

K: Well whatever the math is of 15-7 so like 8 years? 8 years in July I guess.

G: Awesome! So who are some of your favorite characters to cosplay as?

K: Woah you’re making me choose between my babies! Probably Dr. Mrs. The Monarch because..let me tell you why it’s always good to be a villain. So when your feet hurt, you’re hungry, you’re grumpy…you just be the villain! Just “arrrgh! I’m angry! I’m the villain” and everyone is like “that’s so cool!” and you’re like “no, I’m really just angry”. But they don’t mind because you’re a villain! So yeah, Dr. Mrs. is high up there. I love Baroness and Supermam is super comfortable so can’t go wrong there.

Kit Quinn 1

G: How do you plan your cosplays? Are you a plan ahead kind of person or do you just jump into it?

K: I much prefer to be a plan ahead kind of girl but eh what can you do? Sometimes inspiration strikes two weeks before the con and you think “Yeah, I can make a Gargoyle in two weeks! No problem!”

G: I saw that! It was Comikaze last year right?

K: Yeah! Comikaze. Four Gargoyles, two-three weeks? No problem! We were fools!

G: It looked really good though!

K: Thank you!

Kit Quinn 2

G: Aside from favorite costume, what’s been your overall favorite cosplay project?

K: That’s so hard. I love and hate the Gargoyles because we had no time to do it. The people I was working with and just the way we did it, it was really fun. I mean we were up all night together. We made ‘The Cheese Guild’ as we called it. So each person would bring a different kind of cheese over to whoever house we were working at so we had fun cheeses night. We’d work till the sun came up on those and it was just a good group of people. I like the Gargoyles for that aspect.

G: And for you what’s the best part of cosplaying?

K: It’s the fun of getting to be my favorite characters. I used to kind of be able to play more in character long time ago but I don’t have as much time anymore or ability at the convention. But the fact that I get to walk around say “I’m Catwoman today and you cant tell me I’m not because I am!” and that just still really fun to me. Getting to play and hang out with people in similar costumes and talk about our love for the characters…cant beat it!

G: So for me, one of the things I am a huge advocate for in cosplay is people of color being able to cosplay who they want. I know that’s a big deal sometimes.

K: It sucks it still is a big deal but until it isn’t…

G: Yeah I know. So what is something you’re an advocate for in the cosplay community?

K: I’m an advocate for having fun. Don’t do it for any other reason. Don’t do it for theoretical profit. Don’t do it for fame. Do it for fun, do it because it makes you happy and it makes other people happy. So I think if we start from that origin of fun first, all of these other problems should go away. Because we’re doing it for fun.

Kit Quinn 4

G: That’s true! So there is this stereotype that cosplayers are lazy and that they don’t have jobs. So outside of cosplay what do you do? What’s your daytime job or your “normal job”?

K: Well I’m a voice actor so people are like “well you’re lazy you don’t have to put on pants” well yes and no. I also work on a show called Community if you watch that show. So that’s been my day job for the past 3 months, working on that show. So I work in Hollywood..a couple of different hats.

G: Nice. So that kind of segues into Sweethearts of the Galaxy. How did that come about? How did that whole web series happen?

K: Well Sweethearts was kind of a joke going back to college. The writer and I went to college together and he would come to conventions with me and he always said “This should be a web series. This is so funny!” things that happened to people at conventions is just funny. So it was a joke for a couple of years and then we met our director and he’s like “No really, let’s do it” and he’s the one who really lit the fire under our ass to make it happen. So we wrote the scripts, cast people, gathered our friends and made it happen.

Kit Quinn 3

G: It was good! Is there going to be a second season? Because it ended on a cliffhanger.

K: There’s a lot of questions unanswered! As of right now there are no plans for a season two. It really comes down to funding and I don’t want to do another Kickstarter. I think if a project doesn’t have legs to live on its own after its initial Kickstarter, it’s a good run we did good and we should be proud of what we made and not try to push it. So if Stan Lee’s people come up with the money we’re ready.

G: Yeah it was on World of Heroes..

K: Yeah we’re on World of Heroes so if Stan’s people suddenly get a big donor who’s promoting the company we’ll do it but as of right now the money’s not in place.

G: Alright. Well outside of cosplay do you have any other hobbies that aren’t like work related?

K: Nope! This is kind of it. This takes up all my time.

G: Fair enough!

K: I like watching TV..

G: Who  doesn’t? Binge watching Netflix. Last question, if you can offer once piece of advice to a person who might be thinking about cosplaying, what would you say to them?

K: Don’t worry about your first costume being perfect. Mine wasn’t. No ones was. I don’t think anyone’s first costume was perfect. So just do it. Break that seal, jump on in and have fun. Don’t worry! Don’t worry, be happy!

G: And on that note, we will end this! Thank you so much for talking to me!

K: It was nice to see you again!

I had such a blast talking to her and if she’s ever at a convention you’re at, stop and say hi! You wont regret it!

If you want to follow Kit on social media, check out her links below!

Sweethearts of the Galaxy Web Series
Sweethearts of the Galaxy Facebook


Image Credit:
Dr. Mrs. The Monarch – Estrada Photography
Supermam –
Baroness –
Gargoyles – Agressive Comix
Queen Gorgo – Peter Airborne

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