‘FURIOUS 7’ Movie Review

Ever since the fifth movie in the Fast and Furious franchise switched gears, every entry in the series has successfully managed to step up it’s game with sheer adrenaline and spectacle in a big way. Furious 7 under the guidance of director James Wan delivers everything and then some for fans of the franchise and will surely convert anyone late to the game, especially for those who likes their action packed with adrenaline and cartoon insanity.

New to the cast this time around is Kurt Russell who brings enough of his charisma and charm to his character, Mr. Nobody, who will no doubt be a highlight as his character blossoms in the growing franchise. Tony Jaa in his first English speaking role doesn’t disappoint when his character is in combat. Ronda Rousey, in her second feature film following The Expendables 3, happens to be in a fight scene that easily tops the fight choreography between Michelle Rodriguez and Gina Carano in Fast Six.

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Vin Diesel’s Dom character takes the driver’s seat this time around and his one-note delivery makes Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s minimal appearance warrant more spotlight. There’s just no denying that Johnson’s charisma runs circles around Diesel’s and undoubtedly should be push to the central narrative as the series continues. One thrilling moment that makes up for Dwayne’s small screen time is his fight scene with Jason Statham. His old wrestling fans will appreciate that he gets to deliver the “Rock Bottom” for the first time since The Rundown back in 2003.

Wan’s flourishing stands out the most when he gives every setting its own personality, especially how he captures the spring break feel to the visual atmosphere at Race Wars. At two hours and 17 minutes, this is technically the longest film in the series thus far, but believe me when I say that this film flies by as fast as the cars do and doesn’t wear out it’s welcome for a second. Another thing that’s absolutely worth mentioning is the way this film handles the tragic circumstances surrounding Paul Walker. Not only does his character fit seemlessly in this film from beginning to end without distraction, but the tribute to him in the finale is moving enough to bring anyone with a soul to tears.

Furious 7 steps up its game and delivers another worthy, and in some ways superior, entry to the franchise. Most importantly this movie stands well enough on its own to be a great conclusion to the series if they decide to stop here — you and I both know isn’t going to happen. Let’s cross our fingers that the next entry can hold up the standard that Furious 7 just set for the next installments.

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