Everyday Cosplay – Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch

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Welcome to the last week of Age of Ultron themed Everday Cosplay posts! It’s been a blast putting together these outfits to be used as inspiration to create your own looks for the premiere next week!

With this last and final week, I wasn’t sure which character to create a look for since I had already shared the whole team. I was going to try Ultron but that wouldn’t have been a fun look so instead I went for both Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch.  Though with doing the pair, I thought I would switch the outfits to give it a bit of a twist.



Everyday Cosplay - Quicksilver/Scarlet Witch


For The Ladies
The ladies get Quicksilver who’s outfit in casual form gives off a bit of a casual Elsa vibe but that’s what happens when we’re given a kind of lame costume (yeah I said it!). Quicksilver is all blue up top with a dark wash jean and some running shoes. For the look I tried to pull in two of the blues from his top for the shirt and outerwear. I went with a loose fitting shirt and cardigan simply because I know for me personally I don’t really like tight fitting shirts BUT you are welcome to go the more accurate route if you want! For the bottoms I went with a gunmetal type color since his pants do look a little grey but on the black side. Instead of running shoes I picked a blue converse to tie in more blue from his shirt and I finished the look with a grey beanie to tie in his silver hair and a lightning bold necklace since it looks like that’s the shape the lines make on his shirt.


For The Men
Making a Scarlet Witch outfit into a more masculine look was pretty easy. I wanted to create one of those looks where its shorts that stop above the knee with calf socks and chucks but that’s not a look a lot of men go for! So instead I went with a black pair of jeans, a black t-shirt and a red leather jacket. I also considered a red hoodie which I think might be more comfortable for the guys out there who aren’t fond of bulky leather jackets. I finished the look with a gunmetal/faded black boot (her shoes did look to be that color..kind of scuffed and dirty) and a leather cuff to tie in her arm warmers/bands/whatever you want to call them. Feel free to pick up two of those!


Overall, I am really digging the casualness of the Quicksilver look as it can be universal if a guy wants to go that route too.
Again, if you’re putting together an everyday look for the movie, share your looks with me on Twitter at @likegwenstacy! I would love to see what you create!


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