Del Rey Announces STAR WARS CELEBRATION Exclusives

Star Wars Celebration is only a mere few days away. Next Thursday kicks off the 4-day celebration of all things Star Wars. Loads of guests will be in attendance like Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and everyone else you could think of, Celebration 7 is the place to be. But as with any convention, there is always the exclusives. The coveted, limited edition exclusives. Gladys wrote about the Funko exclusives that’ll debut there, so I’m here to cover the Del Rey exclusive! Del Rey will probably be my number one booth to visit (minus Her Universe). I mean, look at that poster!


First up is this new sampler, featuring some beautiful artwork by Phil Noto. This sampler will feature excerpts from future books like Lords of the Sith and Dark Disciple.

DarkDisciple_PosterLucky attendees will also be able to get there hands on this double sided poster featuring Dark Disciple and the timeline for the new canon novels. It may not be an Heir to the Jedi poster, but it does have Asajj!

DelReyPinsFor the pin collector, Del Rey has you covered! Each day, the booth will offer a pin for free. If you preorder Dark Disciple or Aftermath on site, you can get those pins as well. Those two will be available all 4 days.

Make sure to check out the official announcement here for the whole Del Rey schedule.



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