D4VE #2 Features More Alien Seriousness – Comic Review

It’s been quite some time since I last reviewed D4VE, but thankfully the 2nd issue is out in all comic book shops, ready to be devoured by you robot crazed fans. Don’t worry, I’m one too. Incase you missed it, D4VE left off on quite the cliffhanger, if you will. It left us wanting more and needing more. (But of course, if you needed your fix asap, future issues are available digitally.) Luckily, issue #2 is now available at your LCS! Hooray!

D4Ve picks up right from where we left off, introducing us to more of the aliens and their native language. Even though their intent is still unclear, we do see them interact with the fellow robots on Earth. Going back to the man of the house, D4VE himself. He’s doing his best at his job, and failing, but his bosses think he’s doing a lot better, so a job promotion is offered. D4Ve doesn’t understand this and is apparent through all his processing thoughts. And while this is all going down, he’s battling the struggles of a leaving wife and a son who doesn’t stop masturbating as his own dad walks in. The life of a robot isn’t as easy as you’d think.

Being a second issue, D4VE has kept my heart. I loved how the story hasn’t been progressing *too* much, but just enough to keep the reader very interested, while not going full throttle. I think that’s why I keep coming back to D4VE. I love learning bit by bit of D4VE’s ever changing life and given the end panel of issue #2, we’re just beginning this thrill ride of eliminating the new alien life form. D4VE #2 didn’t disappoint by the slightest. I’m still in love with all the dirty jokes, language, and beautiful artwork. Also, his kid? Total brat.

If you’re still undecided about picking up D4VE, do yourself and buy it! It also has some of the best covers. (As pictured below.)

DIG014510_1D4VE #2 is in comic book stores now or via Comixology here.

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