This weekend in Chicago, ReedPop, the folks behind New York Comic Con, held C2E2, the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo. Some Adult Swim folks were there, and a few held a Williams Street panel.

Dave WillisCasper Kelly, Craig Rowin, and Henry  Zebrowski hung out on stage for an hour to discuss their many projects including Too Many Cooks, Squidbillies, Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell, and of course Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever (which, if you didn’t know, is the upcoming season’s title). If you’re interested, the whole shebang is on Twitch, including clips! Check it out right here.

Dave talked about Squidbillies‘ upcoming season: it won’t be around until early 2016, but it’s on its way, and he showed off a “clip” which was literally just Early going “wooo!” a whole bunch.

There was a little Too Many Cooks content, including a small interview with the man who played the killer, William Tokarsky, who also stars in Your Pretty Face. It’s a fun little interview, especially for people who liked Cooks. Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell will be returning in July with brand new episodes, and there was a little supercut of things Henry  Zebrowski got to do in the season as the main character, Gary, and a clip from a new episode that has the demons teleporting to humans’ shoulders to tempt them to do bad things.

They would move on to Aqua Teen, and Dave Willis let slip the biggest news of the panel:

We got a new season of Aqua Teen coming out this summer. […] It’s called Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever, and I’m announcing here for the first time that this is it. This is the final season of Aqua Teen.

[Source: C2E2 Twitch]

It sounds like Adult Swim was ready for Dave and for the network to finally move on from the one final lasting day-one Adult Swim series after all these years. “I think there’s something to be said about bowing out with grace and dignity, and I just wasn’t ready to do that,” Dave said, mostly joking (or at least it sounded pretty far from serious), “but I was told I had to stop making it.”

The new and final season will premiere in June. This isn’t the first time we (or Dave himself) thought the show was done with: season 6’s live-action “Last Last One Forever and Ever” was an episode Dave Willis made under the assumption the episode would be the finale, until Swim gave him the season 7 pickup. But this one seems real, and we may be losing Aqua Teen after all these years. It’ll be so hard to say goodbye.

It sounds like the second movie won’t be happening either.

They showed a clip from an upcoming episode, in which Frylock shrinks Carl down so he can enter a beehive and figure out why Frylock can’t harvest any honey from it. He winds up rallying the bees inside to rebel against their queen and follow him instead (the bees are all voiced by comedian Kumail Nanjiani, it sounds like).

Your favorite and my favorite value meal and their neighbor with a pool will say goodbye this summer, and it’s sad, but who knows? Maybe this’ll end up being a joke, or Adult Swim will change their minds. If not, let’s all watch Shake, Meatwad, Frylock, Carl, and everyone else who ever came through the show walk into the sunset together.

New season in June.

Watch the whole Williams Street C2E2 panel on Twitch here. It’s pretty good, and worth a go. Plus, there are sneak peeks, which everyone loves.

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