ARCHER Season 6 Review – Spies No More?

Archer Season 6 ended with another of its popular two part finales. In the Drastic Voyage: Part I Archer and the team were shrunk to the size of a cell and injected into a dying doctor. Their mission was to save the ill man by breaking down a clot in his brain. Drastic Voyage: Part II begins with the team racing the clock as their oxygen runs low and white blood cells attacking their ship. The scenes featuring Archer outside of the ship and in the sick doctor’s blood vessels were far and above some of the best animated scenes of the season and helped end the season on a strong note.


The animation this season wasn’t the only noteworthy change as after a season of Archer Vice received mixed reviews from fans the team went back to spying in season 6. Though the return to the classic format was surely welcomed for many fans the best episodes and moments of the season were not spy related. The episode with the whole gang trapped in the elevator provided a definite high point for dialogue and witty banter. The introduction of Pam’s sister and Lana’s parents expanded the Archer world in a new and interesting way while providing some of the best action, animation and jokes of the season.


Some other great Archer moments were created this season with the return of characters from earlier seasons. Slater, played by Christian Slater, became a main staple this season as the team was working directly for the CIA. His character and more specifically his attempts to put up with Archer and the gang were hilarious and grew more ridiculous throughout the season. The return of Barry has become an expected event each season but the way Archer and his best friend Pam dealt with him this season was spectacular. Even with all the other guest stars and returning characters this season the best return was without a doubt Conway Stern. With his promised return back in season one his appearance in the sixth was a long time coming but worth the wait.


With the end of the season Archer and his team are permanently barred from working as spies in any capacity by the U.S. government. Archer seems to be the only one who is not upset by the forced job change and promises that he has a plan. After yet another solid and impressive season viewers will have to wait and see if another installment of Archer Vice is ahead or if Archer’s ideas for the gang’s future are even more off the wall! As it is the strange situations that create the best episodes it is no wonder that Adam Reed (creator and writer of the show) only wanted to spend one season spying again. Next season is sure to be a blast with new characters and a whole new motive for the team!

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