ARCHER “Drastic Voyage Part 1” Recap

The two part finale of Archer‘s sixth season takes Archer and the gang not to the ocean, not to space but into the human body  in Drastic Voyage: Part 1! After a slew of screw ups and botched missions the CIA gives the spies one last chance. If they fail to save an ill doctor by eliminating his brain clot they will be disowned by the CIA and prevented from continuing in their chosen profession. To complete their mission they are shrunk down and injected into the suffering Dr’s body. Needless to say things go awry before the mission even truly begins.


The team is under an intense time constraint as it is only a matter of time before the doctor is beyond saving. They thrust in to a crash course on the human body and given a very general rundown of their mission. They are told that using new technology they and a submersible will be shrunken down and injected into the doctor’s body.  Even with all this direct information Archer still manages to be under prepared. He constantly interrupts his teachers and mission leads. Along with his interruptions other guest stars make random appearances further confusing the team. By the end of the briefing it is clear that the team knows barely anything about the human body with the exception of Krieger.


Krieger however is ordered to stay full sized and help the doctors inject rest of the team in to the body. In one of his best moments this season an indignant and insulted Krieger throws a tantrum and messes up the injection of the shrunken team and submersible. Due to the misson’s time sensitivity the team was to be injected into the neck of the Dr., close to the brain where the clot is located. Krieger’s outburst causes the needle, and team, to land in the Dr’s foot, the furthest place from his brain.


Slater and Ray are especially great in this episode with the rest of the gang adding solid chuckles. Really the guest characters are the least interesting elements but this ode to the The Fantastic Voyage is solid overall. It does lack in major laugh out loud moments with the exception of Krieger’s outbursts. As this is just the first part of the finale there are surely more jokes to come. This season’s new animation prowess will surely be put to great use as the team is depicted in their race against time through an entire human body in the season finale! Archer fighting white blood cells? Yes please.

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