5 Young Adult Series That Deserved (Way) Better Cinematic Introductions

2. Twilight (2007)


Twilight may have made it all the way to the finish line with a complete set of films, and possibly more on the way, but the first film, especially in hindsight, wasn’t particularly good (and that’s coming from a Twihard). As much as this film launched the uber popular franchise, it also could have just as easily been the end of it. There was enough of the story to give fans of the books what they wanted, but the production value was atrocious. The entire film seemed to have a blue tint to it. Thankfully, that disappeared along with Director Catherine Hardwicke when Summit Entertainment realized what a gold mine Twilight could be for them and increased the budget significantly.

The production value between the first film and the rest of the franchise is noticeably different, and not just the little things that changed with each new director. The narrative also improved as the franchise grew despite the writer utilizing most of the rest of the films to fill in the pieces of mythology that the first film left out for whatever reason. It always amazes me when writers are penning the adaptation and don’t include details the are clearly vital later on. Even though the same writer was responsible for all the films, she didn’t appear to have actually read all the books to start with.

In the end, everyone knows that this turned into a Cinderella story, but imagine how much stronger the franchise would have been if they had gotten it right in the first place.

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