5 Young Adult Series That Deserved (Way) Better Cinematic Introductions

It’s not breaking news to anyone that the chances of seeing your favorite young adult series get a shot at the big screen is greater than ever before. With Harry Potter and Twilight cementing the trend in a very Blockbuster way years ago, authors in this genre (and just about every other one) aren’t just getting an opportunity at entertaining readers once. As their stories become more than just words on pages, fans are getting a second chance to fall in love with the characters when they come alive – literally – on film.

So why aren’t we seeing more of these novels get passed the starting line? Let’s face it, they’re not all Hunger Games quality material. In fact, more often than not, these adaptations are so far from the source material that they don’t go anywhere after the first film, even with massive fan-bases already in place. For every Divergent, there seems to be a handful of ‘could be’s’ and ‘should have been’s’ waiting in the wings.

Check out five YA novels that didn’t quite translate onto the big screen in the way that fans may have hoped.

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Lindsay Sperling

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