These 5 Spock-Tacular Items Will Keep Your Wardrobe Logical

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Nerds and geeks everywhere mourned (or still are) the loss of the great Leonard Nimoy. While I may have been a latecomer to the Star Trek family, I was none the less swooped up and enamored with Spock.

If you’re like me then your wardrobe is seriously lacking some blue and black. I took to the web to find 5 really rad items to Spock up your wardrobe.

spock collage

  1. Spock Tote Bag – This tote is from artist Sam Del Valle and it features a cute illustrated Spock complete with that typical ‘I’m not very impressed’ look on his face. The tote is available for purchase on Society6 and it’s available in 3 different sizes so whichever size you want determines the price. Price: $18-$24
  2. Live Long & Swagger Tee – I am an avid shopper of We Love Fine so when I saw this shirt I knew I had to have it! It’s definitely on my wishlist because who doesn’t want a shirt with all that Spock swagger on it? This shirt is currently only in men sizes so ladies buy accordingly! Size determines price as well. Price: $25-$26
  3. Star Trek Original Series Uniform Watch – Along with We Love Fine, I love Think Geek. I feel like no one wears watches anymore so when I saw this I thought that it was just stylish and nerdy enough that someone out there would want it! Price: Originally $20 but currently on sale for $15
  4. Starfleet Division Badge – I owned an Engineering badge like this one upon a time and I can vouch for the durability and awesomeness of these. If you don’t want to wear something super flashy like a shirt or a watch, you can get a badge/pin like this and wear it and it’ll be that subtle nod to Spock for you. Price: $10
  5. Spock Hoodie –  This hoodie from Her Universe not only gives you the look of a uniform but when pulled up you even get Vulcan ears! I would definitely swoop this guy up if you’re in the colder climates right now as it looks to be both functional and fun! Price: Originally $60 but currently on sale for $30

I hope you geeks out there enjoyed this post and I hope that at least one of you will buy one of these rad things because I sure as heck cant right now and I want to live vicariously through you!

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